Electronic Cigarette Review

“What if I told you that you can now smoke a cigarette anywhere you’d like, without fire, smoke, smell or harmful chemicals. Do I have your attention yet? Do not buy e-cigarettes until you have read this electronic cigarette review!”


E-Cigarette Reviewer A new form of smoking, dubbed vaping (as in vapor) has been gaining popularity in many countries across the globe, and although these cutting edge e-cigarettes don’t produce actual smoke, they definitely provide the nicotine fix. Best of all, electronic cigarettes pose no risk of fire! The Electronic Cigarette is a logical new alternative to smoking, but is the e-cigarette better for your health? It is a smokeless and tar-free device that looks like an ordinary cigarette on the outside, but is nothing like it on the inside. During our research we have come across many electronic cigarettes online and made a comparative review of the most popular e-cigarette brands available today. For the best e-cigarette starter kit deals, jump to the Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits at the end of this report. Electronic Cigarette Vapor Rings

“I can’t believe it’s not smoke!

The most often asked question is Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? Millions of smokers worldwide with more than 3 Million smokers in the U.S. alone, have already switched to e-cigs, yet there have been no reports of any adverse effects. Quite the contrary, smokers praise e-cigarettes as the most effective tool to quit smoking! Let’s compare tobacco cigarettes to the smokeless e-cigarette: Tobacco smoke contains some 4000+ different chemical compounds of which at least 69 are known carcinogens, while Electronic Cigarettes have about 4 ingredients altogether.

Smoking tobacco increases risks of developing cancer of the lungs, mouth, nose, tongue, larynx, oesophagus, pharynx, pancreas, bladder, stomach, kidneys, and the list goes on… Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of death in the USA with over 400,000 victims yearly, nearly 20% of all U.S. deaths. All this trouble just to get a nicotine fix? Maybe the e-cigarette will save the day. Given all these facts, electronic cigarettes may actually save lives!

Randy Tangier, a computer network technician and a pack-a-day smoker for over twenty years, first heard about electric cigarettes while on a business trip to LA. He was becoming more irritable trying to find places to smoke since most bars and restaurants no longer allow their patrons to smoke inside. Then, one day while fixing a computer at a Casino, Randy says he noticed countless people smoking while sitting at the slot machines or playing cards. He soon realized that those smokers were actually using e-cigarettes!

Compare a tobacco cigarette and e-cigaretteRandy: “I’ve done my research and I can tell you for sure that nicotine itself is pretty safe, it’s actually a brain stimulant just like caffeine. The real problem as it turns out is the tar and all the additives that are added to tobacco during manufacturing. It became obvious to me then that inhaling some water vapor mixed with nicotine was way safer than smoking tobacco. By the way propylene glycol, which is the main ingredient in e-cigarettes, is the same stuff used to make fog at concerts! It’s this transparent paste that turns to water vapor when it’s slightly heated. Anyways, I just had to order one of these e-cigarettes to see for myself if it really did feel anything like smoking… and to my surprise it did! Soon after I started vaping my e-cig, I threw away my last pack of tar cigarettes and I haven’t looked back since” says Randy with a grin on his face.

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is looking forward to a fresh start and many vow to quit smoking as their New Year’s Resolution. The timing is just right for the e-cigarette as it makes a great gift for smokers struggling to quit cigarettes. Small cartridges with or without nicotine, are used to refill an e-cigarette. With one $2 cartridge lasting as much as a single pack of regular smokes, switching can potentially save you $1200 or more per year. A recent study showed that regular smokers spend close to $2000 per year on tobacco products. A savings of even half that amount could pay for a new computer, a new bicycle or even a new big screen TV, to name a few. If you could buy yourself a thousand-dollar gift every year, what would it be?

How do these e-Cigarettes Work?

The e-cigarette owes its success to state-of-the-art microchip technology that provides its users with a real smoking experience, without smoke, flame, ashes or harsh smell. Electronic Cigarettes, also referred to as electric or smokeless cigarettes, have actually been around since 1963 when the first e-cigarette patent was submitted by Herbert A. Gilbert, from Beaver Falls, PA. It took another 40 years however, for manufacturing costs to drop enough to be able to mass produce e-cigarettes at affordable prices. The modern e-cigarette looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, and even “smokes” like a real cigarette. But how do they work? E-Cigs generally have five internal components: when a smoker inhales, an air flow sensor signals the microchip, the microchip in turn activates the atomizer, the atomizer gently heats and vaporizes the nicotine solution, while a rechargeable battery powers the whole process, and a red light glows at the tip for added realism.

E-Cigarette Review

Throw away your lighters and ashtrays, you won’t need either with Electronic Cigarettes! Since e-cigarettes are smokeless they are not restricted by most U.S. state smoking laws and are legal to use indoors i.e. restaurants, bars, hotels, trains, buses. What looks like smoke from the e-cigarette is really a cool water vapor mist from vaporized propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), that carries the nicotine (both ingredients are FDA-approved). The exhaled vapor disappears into the air within a couple of seconds.

When asked what he thought about his new electronic cigarette, Randy said: “I was really excited when I finally got my parcel a few days later. The starter kit came with two electric cigarette batteries, along with 10 medium-nicotine cartridges, as well as the USB charger… and of course the instructions booklet. I charge the batteries overnight and they last me all day long. I usually go through a cartridge or two in one day, but I always have some spares just in case I’m having a really bad day.” Randy goes on to say: “After a couple of weeks of smoking my e-cig, I noticed my lungs felt lighter and I was actually able to breathe easier. Eventually my smoking cravings went down and now over a year later, I smoke my non-nicotine e-cigarette mostly after meals and during the evening before going to bed. I even made a gift of one to my older brother and he loves it too!” Randy adds: “the only thing I want to add is that the cartridges never really last as long as pack of 20 smokes like they say. It’s more like 15 cigarettes at most but it’s still worth it.”

To summarize, the new smokeless e-cigarettes have a lot to offer: nicotine delivery without combustion or actual smoke, practically eliminating the risk of cancer. All in all it seems that an electronic cigarette may indeed save a smoker’s life. E-cigs are more effective than simple nicotine inhalers and provide the best clinically tested method to quit smoking, by gradually reducing the brain’s dependence on nicotine. Popularity and demand for such a innovative smoking solution will only grow as more people become aware of its benefits. E-Cigarette-Review.net would like to thank Randy for his electronic cigarette review and tips. If you would like to compare electronic cigarette brands, we have provided our readers with a buyer’s guide to the best e-cigarettes on the market today.

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

The Top 3 of the Best Electronic Cigarettes - Our ratings are based on these decisive factors: vapor, taste, price, warranty, flavor selection and battery performance of the e-cigarette. If you find this e-cigarette review helpful please share it using the Social links at the top!

Click on each brand’s logo to read the full e-cigarette review. All e-cigarette prices up to date as of March 26, 2014.

1. V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Review Rating: 5 Star ReviewV2 Cigs Review “Editor’s Choice”

Shipping to: All countries, excluding US embargoed countries

E-Cigarette Starter Kit Prices: Prices listed include applicable discount

V2 Beginner’s Kit: $34.95 $29.71

[Includes: 1 x lithium ion battery 4.2V, 1 x usb charger, 6 x cartridges, 1 disposable e-cigarette]

V2 Standard Kit: $59.95 $50.96 “Most Popular”

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (auto & manual), 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb charger, 10 x cartridges]

V2 Standard Plus Kit: $99.95 $84.96

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (auto & manual), 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb charger, 1 x portable charging case, 10 x cartridges]

V2 Couples Kit: $114.95 $97.71

[Includes: 4 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V, 2 x wall chargers, 2 x usb chargers, 20 x cartridges]

V2 Ultimate Kit: $169.95 $144.46

[Includes: 3 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V, 1 x power-cig 5.1V (usb passthrough), 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb charger, 1 x car adapter, 1 x portable charging case, 1 x carry case, 25 x cartridges]

V2 Disposables: $29.95 $26.45 for 5-Pack

V2 Disposable e-cigarettes are equivalent to “up to 2 packs” of regular tobacco cigarettes. Available in Tobacco or Menthol flavors with Full (18mg) nicotine strength.

V2 Cigs Coupon
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Exclusive 15% Off starter kits with V2 Cigs coupon code RESOLUTION2014 or get 10% Off everything else with coupon ECIGARETTEREVIEW. Standard Shipping is Free for all U.S. orders! Remember to paste the coupon in your shopping cart.

V2 Cigs Black Electronic Cigarette with Orange Filter Cartridge


  • V2 Cigs makes its e-liquid vapor analysis results available for everyone to see using a batch number printed on each cartridge box
  • V2 Cigs also offers Blank (empty) cartomizer cartridges that can be refilled with any e-liquid of your choice
  • V2 Cigs are KR808D-1 type electronic cigarettes which are recommended as the best e-cigarettes for starters by the trusted E-Cigarette-Forum.com
  • Free standard shipping on all USA orders
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Over 1 million satisfied clients!

Website: www.V2Cigs.com | www.V2Cigs.eu

Read the complete V2 Cigs Review here.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - So Satisfying Won't Believe It's Not Smoke!

1. (Women’s) Vapor Couture Review

Review Rating: 5 Star review rating “Best Women’s E-Cigarette”Vapor Couture Review

Shipping to: All countries, excluding US embargoed countries

E-Cigarette Starter Kit Prices: Prices listed include applicable discount

VC Entree Kit: $39.95 $33.95

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries, 1 x usb charger, 1 x wall charger, 10 x cartridges]

VC Essentiel Kit: $64.95 $55.21

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries, 1 x usb charger, 1 x wall charger, 10 x cartridges]

VC Essentiel Plus Kit: $99.95 $84.96

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries, 1 x usb charger, 1 x wall charger, 10 x cartridges]

VC Passeport Kit: $149.95 $127.96

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries, 1 x usb charger, 1 x wall charger, 10 x cartridges, 1 x clutch bag, 1 x bracelet charm]

Exclusive 15% Off starter kits with Vapor Couture coupon code RESOLUTION2014 or get 10% Off everything else with coupon ECIGARETTEREVIEW. Standard Shipping is Free for all U.S. orders! Remember to paste the coupon in your shopping cart

Vapor Couture Purple E-Cigarette with Pink Nicotine Cartridge


  • Designed for women: slim, stylish and smooth
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Free standard shipping

Website: www.VaporCouture.com

Read the complete Vapor Couture review here.

Vapor Couture E-Cigarettes Advertisement

2. Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Review Rating: 5 Star ReviewGreen Smoke Review

Shipping to: All Countries (Canada: 0mg nicotine only)

E-Cigarette Starter Kit Prices: Prices listed include applicable discount

Express Kit: $59.97 $56.97

[Includes: 1 x lithium ion battery 4.2V, 1 x usb e-cigarette 5V, 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb charger, 1 x carry case, 5 x cartridges]

Pro Kit: $99.97 $94.97

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V, 1 x usb e-cigarette 5V, 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb chargers, 1 x car charger, 1 x carry case, 10 x cartridges]

Ultimate Kit: $129.97 $116.97

[Includes: 3 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V, 1 x usb e-cigarette 5V, 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb chargers, 1 x car charger, 1 x leather carry case, 10 x cartridges]

Love Birds Kit: $169.97 $152.97

[Includes: 4 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (2 short & 2 long), 2 usb e-cigarettes 5V, 2 x wall chargers, 2 x usb chargers, 2 car chargers, 2 x carry cases, 20 x cartridges]

Disposables: $72.00 $56.97 for a 6-Pack

Green Smoke disposable e-cigarettes available in Tobacco or Mint flavors with 1.8% nicotine.

Green Smoke Coupon
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Get 10% Off purchases over $100 with Green Smoke coupon code DISC10-25374 or get 5% Off with coupon code DISC5-25374 at checkout.

Green Smoke White E-Cigarette With Brown Filter Cartridge


  • Free Shipping in USA (over $25)
  • Cartridge recycling program: Free pack of 5 cartridges for every 80 recycled cartridges
  • “Excellent” Rated customer service
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Website: www.GreenSmoke.com | www.GreenSmoke.co.uk

Read the complete Green Smoke Review here.

Green Smoke Advertisement

3. South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Review Rating: 4.5 Star ReviewSouth Beach Smoke Review

Shipping to: Most Countries

E-Cigarette Starter Kit Prices: Prices listed include applicable discount

Reusable Express Kit: $39.99 $21.99

[Includes: 1 x lithium ion battery 4.2V (standard size), 1 x usb charger, 1 x cartridge]

Deluxe Starter Kit: $79.99 $59.99

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (standard & long), 1 x wall charger, 5 x cartridges]

Deluxe Plus Starter Kit: $119.99 $89.99

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (standard & long), 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb charger, 1 x car adapter, 1 x carrying case, 5 x cartridges]

Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit: $214.99 $159.99

[Includes: 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (standard & long), 1 x wall charger, 1 x usb charger, 1 x car adapter, 1 x carrying case, 1 x portable charging case, 5 x cartridges]

Disposable E-Cigarettes: $47.99 $39.99 for 4-Pack

South Beach Smoke disposable electronic cigarettes are ready for use right out of the box and are equivalent to about 2 packs of cigarettes each! Available in Tobacco or Menthol flavors with 16 mg Nicotine.

South Beach Smoke Coupon
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Get 10% Off Starter Kits applied automatically.

South Beach Smoke White Electronic Cigarette with Brown Filter Cartridge


  • 100% US-made e-liquid
  • Assembled and Tested in USA
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $100
  • Lifetime warranty for active refill members

Website: www.SouthBeachSmoke.com

Read the complete South Beach Smoke Review here.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - Made In The USA E-Juice

*Must be of legal smoking age to order. Prices shown are already discounted with applicable coupon and are subject to change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Consumer Report of Best E-Cigarettes of 2013 and remember to come back again next week for more great smokeless cigarette tips!

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2-Piece and 3-Piece Electronic Cigarettes

2-Piece and 3-Piece e-Cigarettes, what’s the Difference?

The V2 Kit We’ve All Been Waiting For

The long awaited V2 Cigs E-Liquid Kit is finally here! With this kit you get reusable clear cartridges, that are refillable using V2 Platinum e-liquid juice. It’s the perfect e-cigarette kit for DIY vapers.

The Starter Kit comes complete with:

  • 1 x V2 Charger (USB charger & wall adapter)
  • 2 x V2 Batteries (Your choice of auto or manual and 3 sizes. I suggest 2 manual batteries: 1 standard & 1 long, or better yet 2 long!)
  • 3 x Empty cartridges that can each be refilled 20 times (but if you clean them once a week they’ll last you even longer!)
  • 2 x Bottles of E-liquid 25ml each. 50ml of e-liquid will last you at least a month! (The coffee flavor is awesome!)

For all battery sizes and specifications refer to the detailed V2 review. This is probably the best kit that V2 has released to date. Sure cartridges are great to just get a taste of vaping, but the real deal is in the e-liquid. And you’re not restricted to using only V2 eliquid, you can use any other brand, although I don’t see why you would want to. All V2 eliquid tastes amazing, except “cinnamon” I’m not a big fan of that one.

I honestly prefer manual button-operated e-cigarettes as opposed to the automatic ones, because you can get more vapor out of a manual battery. I usually take a few puffs to preheat the cartridge then take one long drag, all the while holding the little button that triggers the heating element inside, allowing for more eliquid to be evaporated. Try it and see for yourself.

Cleaning your blank EX cartridges is pretty straightforward. Unscrew the top, be careful not to lose the tiny rubber O-ring. Put the cartridge under warm running water, rinse and repeat, blow out excess water from the cartridge and let it air dry overnight. When refilling try to avoid the air-hole in the middle and don’t overfill. After refilling your cartridge let it sit a few minutes so that the wick has a chance to absorb some of the ejuice.

V2 e-cigarettes are awesome for their size and performance. The long model is just about the size of a regular Bic pen, yet it will last you for most of the day even if you’re a heavy smoker. I feel comfortable recommending V2 Cigs to anyone.

Price: $79.95 Get 15% Off Using this coupon code (simply click and paste the coupon code on the checkout page)!

V2 E-liquid Kit
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Price after discount: 67.96 + FREE Shipping

V2 E-liquid kit coupon code

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V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Break Free From The Pack!

Top 10 Reasons V2 Cigs is the Best E-Cigarette Hands Down

My choice for the best e-cigarette: this is what I use to vape every day. I quit smoking and have been vaping since 2009. After trying 23 different brands, my absolute favorite e-cigarette is V2 Cigs! This is my “no bullshit” review of this affordable, high-quality electronic cigarette.

V2 e-cigarette with EX blank cartridge, charger and eliquid bottleWhat you see here is essentially all you need to switch

  • V2 Cigs silver “manual” long battery
  • EX blank cartridge
  • Platinum e-liquid bottle
  • USB charger

That’s it! No fancy useless gadgets.

Top 10 Reasons Why I choose V2 Cigs as the best electronic cigarette:

  1. The 4.2 V batteries provide more power for awesome vapor, compared to 3.7 V of most other brands.
  2. The highest battery capacity of any similar sized e-cigarette, with 380 mAh.
  3. The New EX blank cartridges do not leak, unlike other brands that leave e-liquid on your fingers and can stain your clothes.
  4. The e-cigarette is slim and lightweight, it feels just like holding a pen.
  5. Quality transparency, through chemical analysis reports done by a independent & certified laboratory for all e-liquid batches, and made publicly available on the V2 Cigs website.
  6. Thick and cool vapor with 10 pleasant flavors that don’t taste like soap.
  7. Available 2.4% nicotine e-liquid to satisfy the heaviest of smokers.
  8. Optional batteryless Power Cig, a wired e-cigarette which runs on power from a USB port, for use at home or at the office.
  9. The lifetime warranty on all V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes.
  10. The Free Shipping in the US!

V2 Cigs silver electronic cigarette

My Review of V2 Cigs e-cigarettes:

I prefer manual (button-operated) batteries over automatic ones, because they give you greater control over the whole process. By priming your electronic cigarette for a second before inhaling, you will allow the atomizer and e-liquid inside to preheat to the proper temperature for optimal vapor.

You may want to try the disposable (pre-filled) cartridges first, everyone starts off with them to ease the transition from smoking to vaping. They are hassle-free and perfect for the first couple of weeks. The refillable EX blanks however, produce more vapor and taste even better than the disposable cartridges. Most people eventually end up refilling blank cartridges, which can be reused up to 20 times and save even more money in the long run. If like me you refill your cartridge twice a day, then one will last you about 10 days.

Money-wise this means you’ll be buying a pack of 3 EX cartridges each month ($13) plus a 50ml bottle of Platinum e-liquid ($27). Is $40 less than what you spend on cigarettes now? I bet it is. Take advantage of the V2 Cigs 10% Off refills coupon code ECIGARETTEREVIEW to get the best possible price.

Your initial investment will be one of V2 Cigs Starter Kits, ranging from $29.71 all the way up to $144.46 if you want all the bells and whistles. See the Complete V2 Cigs Report to compare all the starter kits. The beginner’s kit is really all you need to get started though. Use this special promo code to get 15% Off your kit purchase: RESOLUTION2014.

Update: V2 has finally introduced a V2 E-Liquid Starter Kit!

Water vapor mist from my V2 e-cigaretteSee how much “smoke” the V2 produces? Actually it’s only vapor, but it feels just like smoking!

V2 Cigs Logo


So put yourself on the right path to becoming smoke-free, and get a V2 Cigs e-cigarette. I promise that this will be the best decision you ever made, just like it was for me.

Visit the official V2Cigs.com website.

Refilling tips for V2 Cigs EX cartridges:

  • Unscrew the black mouthpiece to be able to fill the cartridge with e-liquid using the dropper-cap.
  • Avoid dripping e-liquid into the air-hole in the middle.
  • While dripping, slowly rotate the cartridge so that e-liquid drips evenly along the inside wall.
  • Do not fill above the 0.9ml mark.
  • Let the cartridge sit for a couple of minute before use, so that the wick may absorb some e-liquid.

Still skeptical? Don’t just take our word for it, top e-cigarette review websites like these also recommend V2 Cigs as the #1 choice:

KLKS E-Cigarette Reviews: “Exceptional Flavor and Vapor Production”

E-Cigarette Reviewed: “It’s widely regarded as the best e-cigarette you’ll find on the market, but you shouldn’t be sold on the hype alone. With so many options for e-cigarettes, V2 Cigs has to produce something genuinely spectacular to stand head and shoulders above the rest.”

E-Cig Advanced: “Their new battery is a quick hitter, draws as smooth as any on the market, and it produces a more distinguishable vapor with a great flavor. There’s a lot of value here, and anyone from the casual smoker to the pack a day or more crowd should feel right at home with this improved version.”