E-Cigarette Compatibility Chart

See which electronic cigarettes are compatible with each other. Here are the 4 most common types of mini e-cigarettes, that look just like real cigarettes. Keep in mind though, that even if a brand seems to be compatible with another, there may still be some minor design differences, which can affect performance. For example one brand may have air flow grooves on the battery, while another on the cartridge. Thus  if we switch the cartridges, in one case there will be too much air flow and in the other, none at all. The most recommended e-cigarette for starters is the KR808D-1.

Electronic Cigarette E-8 / KR808D-1 E-9 / KR808D-2 DSE103 L88B
V2Cigs™ X
Vapor4life™ X
Premium™ X
White Cloud™ X
EonSmoke™ X
SmokeTip™ X
Red Dragon™ X
Bloog™ X
e-cigs E-9 X
Vapures™ X
Smoke 51 DUO™ X
Esmoke Sensation™ X
South Beach Smoke™ X
LeCig™ X
SmokingEverywhere Gold™ X
Njoy Npro™ X
Liberation Jr.™ X
Cloud 9™ X
Smoke 51 Trio™ X
SS Choice #7™ X
Gammuci™ X
Smoke Stik™ X
Blu™ X
Eluma™ X
Choice 7's™ X
Volcano X
Regal X
Electronic Cigarette Inter-Compatibility Chart (not an exhaustive list)

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  1. Rosalie Haynes's Gravatar Rosalie Haynes
    July 17, 2013 - 02:47 | Permalink

    I found that all e-cigarettes cause me nausea and only last no more than 36 hours. Packaging states up to 400 puffs-hype. I get severe sore throat and a headaches, What is causihg this disorder? Thank You. Rosalie Haynes age 54

  2. new vaper's Gravatar new vaper
    November 26, 2013 - 14:22 | Permalink

    Hi Alexa, thanks for the helpful chart. Would you be able to add entries for Halo (seems the same as V2′s),
    Smokeless Image and Apollo as well?

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