Best E-Cigarette Brand Reviews 2018

E-Cigarette ReviewerIf you are considering buying a electronic cigarette or vaporizer device online, then you owe it to yourself to read the e-cigarette reviews and compare the best e-cigarette brands of 2018 to make an informed decision. While it may seem confusing because it appears as though there are thousands of different e-cigarettes for sale, there are in fact only a couple dozen different models under various e-cig brand names.

The most popular and user-friendly e-cigarette for beginners today is the V2 Pro 3x model manufactured by V2 Cigs. V2 is our favorite brand for their persistent innovation since 2007, their devout customer service and worldwide availability through shipping centers located in the USA and Europe.

The Search Review for the Best Electronic Cigarette

Our team of vaper reviewers independently review each e-cigarette brand and report on its pros, cons, and everything in-between. Click on the top electronic cigarette consumer reports below to read a complete review.

v2 pro 7 electronic cigarette review

5 Star review rating   V2 Pro Series 3x Review *Best for Vaping eliquid


v2 pro 7 electronic cigarette review5 Star review rating   V2 Pro Series 7 Review *Best for Vaporizing dry herb & concentrates


V2Pro reviews5 Star review ratingV2 Pro Review *Best Value for Beginners


Vapor Zone Review4.5 Star review rating   VaporFi Review


Green Smoke Review4 Star review rating   Green Smoke Review


South Beach Smoke Review4 Star review rating   South Beach Smoke Review