2-piece VS 3-piece Electronic Cigarettes

What are the main differences between two distinct types of Electronic Cigarettes: the older 3-piece “Atomizer” design and the newer 2-piece “Cartomizer” design.

The 3-piece electronic cigarette design has been around since e-cigs came out in 2003, and is a popular and reliable one.  The South Beach Smoke brand, for example, labels it as their Premium model. It consists of 1) The mouthpiece that houses a nicotine cartridge; 2) The reusable atomizer; and 3) The rechargeable battery.

South Beach Smoke Premium

Pros: The 3-piece electronic cigarette design is less expensive thanks to its reusable atomiser, and the replacement nicotine cartridges are cheaper as well.

Cons: Small droplets of the nicotine e-liquid accumulate on the atomiser housing, which needs to be wiped clean every time you replace the cartridge. The atomiser itself should be replaced every few months to make sure your e-cigarette is working at peak efficiency and producing the most vapor.


The 2-piece electronic cigarette design is newer and superior to its counterpart. It combines the disposable nicotine cartridge and the atomiser into one piece, referring to it as a “Cartomizer”. The Cartomizer simply screws directly into the battery and the e-cigarette is ready for use. South Beach Smoke labels this design as their Deluxe model.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe

Pros: The 2-piece electronic cigarette design is more user friendly because it has less parts and therefore less hassle. Furthermore, since a brand new atomizer is built into each disposable cartridge, it consistently produces a cleaner and greater amount of vapor smoke with each drag.

Cons: Disposable Cartomizer cartridges have a built-in heating element, thus making them a little more costly than regular nicotine cartridges.

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