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Best Alternative to Smoking: Electronic Cigarettes

If you are among those people who have attempted to quit smoking, but have failed miserably time and time again, then know, that there is hope even for you. A smoking alternative for some or a way to gradually break the habit for others: Electronic Cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are smokeless electronic cigarette devices that have already helped many succeed at quitting smoking  or have replaced smoking cigarettes for others.

Although electronic cigarettes accomplish the same results as tobacco cigarettes, they don’t wok in the same manner. The best part in electronic cigarettes is that they do not release any harmful hot smoke, since no actual combustion of tobacco takes place. An electronic sensor is triggered by inhaling on an e-cigarette thus releasing, in the form of vapor, a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol and a scent that resembles the taste of tobacco smoke. These electronic cigarettes provide the smoker with the desired nicotine level while harmful additives such as tar, glue and other solid hydrocarbons which cause cancers, are kept at bay.

Electronic cigarettes have already been approved as legal almost everywhere. Vapers are allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in most places which have previously banned smoking tobacco; such as bars, restaurants, taxis, trains, airplanes etc. A smoker no longer has to fear that they will cause harm to their loved ones since the e-cigarette does not produce any real smoke! Alright let’s be realistic, this isn’t fresh seaside air, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine in a few flavor additives and whatever stabilizing agents. So don’t expose your kids to it, it’s tool for adults. And no you can’t vape on airplanes, or restaurants, sorry.

The nicotine cartridges are easily replaceable and are available from various on-line vendors like V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Blu cigs and many others. The cartridges come in different flavors such as  regular (tobacco), menthol, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, etc. Users can also choose from 4 different nicotine levels, High, Medium, Light or 0-nicotine to simply “vape” for the flavor!

E-cigarettes have drastically improved over the last few years, with the help of newer and ever-smaller technology. The greatest advantage that these electronic cigarettes carry with them is that not only do they fulfill your nicotine cravings but more importantly, they feel like you are smoking the real thing. Increasing restrictions and bans on smoking, health issues, children and pets are only a few of the great many reasons why electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity over conventional tobacco cigarettes.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I prefer the juul pen for myself, just think the look is very sleek. The only drawback I have noticed about the e-cigs and vape is that the nicotine fix doesn’t last very long. I started using on! nicotine pouches in the lower mg strength while I was vaping and coordinated the flavor with the juice I was using. results were great. Highly advise.

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