Are Electronic Cigarettes Legal in Canada?

2017 update – Canada now seems to allow importing electronic cigarettes with nicotine since we have been receiving them by mail.

Canadians are wondering whether electronic cigarettes are deemed legal in Canada. The last update from the Canadian government on electronic cigarettes dates back to 2009.  Health Canada announced then that it doesn’t consider the nicotine cartridges safe until further testing is conducted. It’s a little ironic that Health Canada still permits the import of non-nicotine cartridges, which have exactly the same ingredients, except for the added nicotine. It’s now been more than 3 years and we’re still stuck in the same rut. Personal electronic cigarette reviews in Canada are popping up daily on blogs and forums everywhere online, with new ex-smokers praising the electronic cigarette. Why is Canada keeping quiet about e-cigarettes? Read the full article on why electronic cigarettes are considered legal in Canada but the nicotine cartridges are not. There’s a mystery involved.

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After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!

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