Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Electronic Cigarette makers say their e-cigarettes are safe, but what do the studies show? They’re definitely safer than tobacco cigarettes, but e-cigs may pose a danger when misused.

The most obvious problem with electronic cigarettes is that they’re (mostly) made in China, and everyone knows what Chinese quality control can be like. In terms of health the biggest danger lies in the atomizers (heating element): their resistance and their operating temperature varies, sometimes resulting in overheating. Never dry-run a atomizer, in other words do not use an e-cigarette with a empty cartridge because as the atomizer overheats and starts to glow red, it will emit heavy toxic fumes. Surprisingly no warning of this is displayed anywhere. During out e-cigarette tests we ran into this overheating problem with Innokin atomizers.

Another cause for safety concern in e-cigarettes are the e-liquid (e-juice) ingredients. After all, the vapor is something that you will be inhaling into your lungs on a regular basis, you want to make sure that the contents are of the highest quality and have no contaminants. That is not to say that the Chinese do not have such a product (iPhones and iMacs are made in China), but it is in your best interest to do your research before investing in any electronic cigarette kit. Many American e-cigarette companies now produce U.S.-made e-liquid instead of importing it from China.

Some electronic cigarette brands have shown to leak e-juice when they are used, particularly when they are tilted upwards when vaped. While this is not dangerous, some smokers who are sensible to vegetable glycerin have reported laxative effects. Most electronic cigarette brands display their cartridge ingredients on their website or directly on their products, but others choose not to. Stick to the ones that do.

Exploded Lithium Ion Battery

The last (but not least) danger with electronic cigarettes is the same as that associated with all conventional household batteries. “Do not short circuit” and “may explode if heated” is the kind of warning message that you will see on all AA batteries, and the same applies to e-cigarette batteries. Everyone probably remembers the news headlines earlier this year, of a Florida man who’s electronic cigarette exploded in his mouth knocking out one of his teeth? That is exactly what happens when you tamper with batteries. The incident was portrayed in such a light so as to discredit e-cigarettes, which are the clear winner in safety over tobacco cigarettes.

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