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Looking for the more advanced V2 Pro series? Go to V2 Pro review.

Since 2009 the V2 Cigs brand has remained our Best Electronic Cigarette review for starters because it offers a reliable beginner’s e-cigarette with perfect-tasting vapor, that is also backed by great customer service and a lifetime warranty. On top of that V2 Cigs has the lowest prices (less expensive than Green Smoke or Blu), yet offers all the features you may want from an e-cigarette, such as automatic and manual models, 3 battery sizes, convenient portable charger cases, passthrough electronic cigarettes (USB e-cigarette), and did we mention their smooth vapor! The flavor sampler will help you discover what you like best; V2 Red and Coffee are our favorites.

V2 Cigs automatic and manual batteries

The difference between the automatic and manual models is very simple: the auto e-cig works by puffing on it, while the manual e-cig has a button that activates the atomizer (heating element). It all comes down to preference, while it’s easier to puff on an auto e-cig while driving, you may prefer the manual model which allows you to prime your e-cig by holding down the button for a second before puffing, thus producing thicker vapor that feels just like smoke. We recommend trying both to see which you would prefer.


V2 Cigs Batteries Compared to a Cigarette

The V2 Cigs come in 3 sizes:

  • The shorty is 100mm (3.93″) with the cartridge attached. It has a current capacity of 150 mAh* and can deliver about 150 puffs.
  • The standard size battery is 110mm (4.3″) with the cartridge attached. It has a current capacity of 250 mAh and can deliver about 200 puffs.
  • The long battery is 140mm (5.5″) with cartridge, and boasts a current capacity rating of a whopping 380 mAh, delivering over 300 puffs!


Screw a V2 Cigs Cartomizer onto the Battery*The current capacity rating is measured in mAh (milliAmpere hours) and indicates how long a battery will last.

To give you an idea of how long the rechargeable batteries last, expect the shorty battery to last through about half a cartridge, and the long battery to last through 1 full cartridge. One cartridge is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes or slightly less.


V2 Cigs are the most widely compatible electronic cigarettes on the market and the best choice for long term use. They are currently compatible with the following brands of cartridges: Vapor4life, White Cloud, SmokeTip, Premium, EonSmoke and other KR808D-1 type e-cigs (see the E-Cigarette Compatibility Chart for a complete list). With the new V2 Adapter, even more cartridges can now be used with V2 Cigs, such as: Greensmoke, Red Dragon, Bloog, E-9, Vapures, Smoke 51 DUO, Esmoke Sensation, South Beach Smoke, LeCig and other KR808D-2 threaded cartridges. This means you’re not stuck with just having to use V2 flavor cartridges, although we don’t see why in the world you’d want to use any other brand.

V2 Cigs Black Electronic Cigarette

V2 Cigs is the most transparent e-cigarette brand, allowing anyone to see the e-liquid chemical analysis test results for their cartridges using a special batch number printed on the pack alongside the expiration date. You can rest assured that V2 Cigs vapor cartridges are of the highest quality and surpass all safety standards.

V2 Cigs Review: 5 Star review rating “Editor’s Choice for beginners”

Shipping to: All countries, excluding US embargoed countries

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: Prices listed include applicable V2 Cigs coupon below

V2 Beginner’s Kit: $34.95 $29.71V2 Cigs Beginner's Starter Kit

  • 1 x lithium ion battery 4.2V
  • 1 x usb charger
  • 6 x cartridges
  • 1 x disposable e-cigarette

V2 Standard Kit: $59.95 $50.96 (Recommended!)V2 Cigs Standard E-Cigarette Starter Kit

  • 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (auto & manual)
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x usb charger
  • 10 x cartridges

V2 Standard Plus Kit: $99.95 $84.96V2 Cigs Standard Kit with Portable Charging Case

  • 2 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V (auto & manual)
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x usb charger
  • 1 x portable charging case
  • 10 x cartridges

V2 Couples Kit: $114.95 $97.71V2 Cigs E-Cigarette Starter Kit for Couples

  • 4 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V
  • 2 x wall chargers
  • 2 x usb chargers
  • 20 x cartridges

V2 Ultimate Kit: $169.95 $144.46 (Best Value!)V2 Cigs Ultimate E-Cigarette Starter Kit

  • 3 x lithium ion batteries 4.2V
  • 1 x corded power-cig 5V (usb passthrough)
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x usb charger
  • 1 x car adapter
  • 1 x portable charging case
  • 1 x zipper carry case
  • 25 x cartridges

V2 Disposables: $29.95 $26.95 for 5-PackV2 Cigs Disposable E-Cigarettes

V2 Cigs disposable e-cigarettes are equivalent to “up to 2 packs” of regular tobacco cigarettes. They’re available in Tobacco or Menthol flavors. Also try the NEW Zig-Zag™ disposables!

Exclusive 15% Off starter kits with V2 Cigs coupon code RESOLUTION2017 or get 10% Off everything else with coupon code ECIGARETTEREVIEW. Standard Shipping is Free for all U.S. orders. V2 Cigs coupons work in addition to current promotions!

FYI: If you’re purchasing a Portable Charging Case (PCC), keep in mind that there are two models available: a Standard one that fits the Shorty and Standard batteries, and a XL one that fits all 3 sizes, including the Long batteries. A PCC can be used to recharge your batteries two to three times while on the go, on a full charge.

E-Cigarette Technology: 2 Piece (cartomizer-type) E8 / KR808D-1

E-Cigarette Color: White (glows red), Black (glows blue), Stainless Steel (glows blue), Blue (glows white).

Flavors: V2 Red (American tobacco, for Marlboro smokers), Congress (Refined tobacco, for Parliament smokers), Sahara (Turkish tobacco, Camel smokers), Menthol (refreshing mint), Peppermint (sweet mint), Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee (our favorite), Vanilla, Mint Tea, limited editions Cola, Grape and Classic Menthol. Available in five nicotine strengths: 2.4% (only Flavors in bold), 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, 0% nicotine. We recommend 1.8% nicotine strength for regular smokers and 2.4% nicotine for heavier smokers.

Cartridges: Starting at $9.95 for 5 cartridges, equivalent of approximately 5 Packs or 100 Cigarettes (you can find great deals in the Clearance section on their website).

Warranty: Lifetime replacement warranty and 30-day 100% money back guarantee on starter kits (a 15% restocking fee applies to returned batteries or accessories).


  • V2 Cigs makes its e-liquid vapor analysis results available to everyone using a batch number printed on every cartridge box
  • V2 Cigs also offers Blank (empty) cartomizer cartridges that can be refilled with any e-liquid of your choice
  • V2 Cigs are recommended as the best e-cigarettes for starters (KR808D-1) by the trusted E-Cigarette-Forum.com
  • Free Shipping on all orders in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty on batteries and chargers
  • Over 1 Million satisfied clients!

Website: www.V2Cigs.com | www.V2Cigs.eu | www.BuyV2Cigs.co.uk

V2 Electronic Cigarettes - Vape Pens, Eliquid, & Vaporizers

V2 Cigs’ Continuous Innovation

V2 Cigs has always been at the forefront of electronic cigarette innovation: they have just released the newly developed V2 Cigs “E-X Blanks” clear reusable cartridges!

The V2 Cigs EX Blanks are for more experienced users who want even thicker vapor, and for those who want to save even more by refilling (dripping) their cartridges themselves. These clear cartridges can be reused 20 times and are refillable with V2 Cigs Platinum e-liquid, which comes in all the V2 flavors. A 50ml Platinum e-liquid bottle will allow you to refill your EX Blank cartridges 50 times! This is approximately the same as 30-35 regular cigarette packs in our experience.

V2 Cigs reusable cartridges and platinum e-liquid

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  1. Hi! I ordered this V2 e-cigarette last week and I just wanted to leave a comment now that I had a chance to try it 🙂
    I got myself the standard kit with 2 batteries and the flavor sampler like you recommended. I loved it from day one! but I have to say the flavors taste nothing like tobacco, but they’re still good don’t get me wrong. I particularly liked the “congress” flavor because its very mild, and the coffee one has a great smell and aftertaste too.
    I’m on my way to quitting smoking!! Thank you

  2. I have and have tried Blu, No 7′s, Metro (Nicotek), Cig2o and others (All in either disposable or rechargeable) But I was never quite as happy until I found the V2′s.

    The batteries did not last long on the others, some that had a vanilla flavour also had a hazlenut or even a coffee taste to them (I just want plain sweet vanilla),

    Many only had red or menthol, some did not have vanilla in different grades of nicotine (I am trying to gradually step down after spinal surgery a couple weeks ago)

    Everything I have found in the V2′s especially the vanilla flavour (no other flavours added in like some) in different nicotine grades, along with different accessories I want to try is what sold me and will keep me coming back.

    I purchased a metal case (which I want to keep) But I really keep eyeing a softcase (would work better for my purse) And another standard battery so I do not have to wait when one battery wears out. I am considering the V2 Express Kit but I only wish it came with vanilla.

    So many choices, so many great ways. I will definitely spread the word and hope one day to purchase some more accessories when I refill on more cartridges.

    A very happy, satisfied, and loving v2 customer (Who has tried them almost all)

  3. hello im not a cig smoker i love how it takes the urge to smoke away and whats even more interesting i dont have the charger and im still puffing no problem going on for almost 5 months no charge love it…

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