V2 Pro 3x Series Review & Comparison to older 3 Series

Hello smoker & vapers, welcome back!

In this vaporizer review I’m testing and scrutinizing the new

V2 Pro – Series 3x.

Let me start by saying that the original Series 3 released in 2014 was a huge hit. At the time it was a big leap forward because it was one of the first multi-purpose e-cigarette vaporizers ever designed. Yes, I have to give V2 Cigs props for being fearless innovators in the electronic cigarette industry during times of uncertainty.

But let’s get back to the review at hand. Fast forward to 2017, the V2 Pro Series 3x is indeed better than the original ‘3’ in some aspects (for example it now features sub-ohm vaping). This device is technically labelled as a multi-purpose vaporizer, but does it perform equally well at all of its other functions besides vaping eliquid? Let’s see.

Let’s start with the Pros and Cons

Device Pros

  • New Adjustable Air Flow Cartridges
  • Device can be used while charging
  • Three voltage settings
  • New Stealth mode with ring LED light disabled and button light dimmed (like for vaping at the movies)
  • New vape cartridges do not leak!

Device Cons

  • New aluminum-alloy body feels lighter but admittedly a bit less rigid than the original.
  • Feels a bit top-heavy when using stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Magnetic charger connection can be finicky.

This is one electronic cigarette vaporizer you don’t want to skip reading the manual for. It has some nifty new features that I want to show you, not available in the older 3 Series.

Three Cartridge Types

Eliquid Cartridge for Vaping

First off, that new Stainless Steel & Glass Cartridge with a Ceramic Heating Element is fantastic, and most importantly leak-proof! I am honestly very impressed by it, and how much vapor it produces. Definitely an improvement!

The very first time you fill it, V2 recommends letting it sit for 15 minutes to soak in the eliquid. (This really is necessary for Ceramic heating element carts! Literally at least ten minutes)

So here is the thing with these cartridges, you don’t want to be sucking on it like you would on a lit cigarette, rather gently pull to let the vapor fill you mouth. This is how you’ll get the thickest vapor out of it, while avoiding getting drops of eliquid in your mouth!

So what makes these new 3x cartridges so freaking great

  • The adjustable air flow, with 4 settings.
  • Replaceable atomizers, in 3 different Ohm ratings: 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm, 1.5 ohm. (remember, lower number runs hotter)
  • Ceramic heating element for richer flavors.
  • Can be refilled up to 40 times! (instead of 10 times)

As you may have guessed, the V2 Pro Series 3x, just like its older brother, is really best for vaping e-liquid! Excellent performance in that regard.

Concentrates & Wax Cartridge for Vaping

Decent performance for vaping your favorite concentrates incognito. These cartridges remain the same as the original Series 3. A nice feature to have if you’re a vaper and incidentally you have access to concentrates. It could serve the purpose of a secondary on-the-go device if you’re careful, but you have to consider that concentrates get liquidy when heated up so you essentially have to keep the vaporizer upright until it cools.

Dry Leaf Tobacco Cartridge for Vaporizing

Honestly the chamber is just way too small to make this worthwhile, not to mention the battery simply doesn’t have the capacity to heat that ceramic oven cartridge repeatedly. It works, but it’s more of a novelty in this regard I find. Don’t bother for this purpose, instead consider the Series 7 if you’re looking for a tobacco or dry herb vaporizer.

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Should You Buy the V2 Pro Series 3x or the original series 3?

Well, let me put it this way:

If you’re a budget-minded value shopper and you’re ok with only vaping PG then honestly go for the original V2 Pro Series 3 with the ceramic carts. Especially now that the new Series 3x is out, the original Series 3 is half the price, so it’s an awesome deal!

However if you are looking for the latest in features (and bells and whistles), larger capacity battery, and you want to vape VG with sub-ohm carts, whether you want to make a nice gift for someone starting out in vaping or trying to come off tobacco, you can’t go wrong with the V2 Pro Series 3x.

V2 Pro Series 3x in Canada

Can you buy the V2 Pro Series 3x from Canada?

Yes, Absolutely! I received mine in the mail within about a week.

Buy button for V2 Pro

V2 often offers discounts – Reg $109.99

Go here to see current specials

Visit: www.V2cigs.com/V2ProSeries3x


Watch my quick video review V2 Pro Series 3x unboxing


  1. Reading all the reviews and currently using the original Series 3 this will be my next purchase as has more options and longer battery life.

  2. The device works great. It is easy to use and looks elegant. Perfect for someone who works in office. I also appreciate great customer service and fast delivery!

  3. I’ve been vaping since 2009 with V2. I’ve also waited for the price to drop on the 3X serious, because I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’m sure glad to change because now my teeth are not bitting down to hold the battery. Which if I may add were making my teeth gapped. Love the improvement. V2, you guys will always be # 1. Continue with the awesome work because you guys have a customer for life. Thank you guys again for helping me achieve the ultimate goal of quitting that nasty habbit of smoking cigarettes. I can now actually walk and puff at the same time. Thanks again

  4. Brand-new to vaping and was looking for a quality and efficient way to start. After looking up reviews and such decided to give this a try and it fulfills all my needs for a casual “vaper” like myself.

  5. used the normal EX batteries for a couple years, switched to the series 3X.
    I waited a few days before I reviewed but i am very happy with my purchase.
    Series 3x is nothing over the top. It’s just right in my opinion.

  6. I used the series 7 for a few years but decided to give series 3x a chance because I wanted to try VG blends and stopped using the series 7 for loose leaf. The updates from the base series 3 are truly worth it. Still some room for improvement but overall I am very happy. I have 2 series 3x pens now and happy with the change.

  7. This produces the best vape. I’m an ex smoker, and the vape from the Series 3X allows you to taste the full spectrum of flavors of your juice. The ability to change voltage is also a game changer. I was sceptical of how important this feature would be, but I am impressed. It really helps you choose how strong the flavor is.
    I highly recommend skipping the Series 3. I used one for a couple months, and I was happy with it. Unfortunately, I think of it as a waste of money now. The Series 3X is perfect for someone who really wants to enjoy their vaping experience.

  8. This is my first time vaping and I was doing to abstain from cigarettes. I was getting sick only during smoke breaks & only on cigarettes. When I quit with patches and gum, my anxiety went up & I started eating to much. I ended up hitting the gym more often and eventually started sm

    oking again. Like clockwork I got ill again. I thought of vaping from all the hype but I was sceptical. It has worked & I enjoy the process so much! I extensively did my research for the ideal vape pen for me. Personal preference & to trick my mind that I never quit smoking, I did not want the huge box mods. Over and over again each site had the V2 Pro Series 3x and the Series 7 I weighed the options and decided to buy the 3x due to cost restrictions.

    Now heres my experience with it all: (there are both the pros & cons with each paragraph)

    1st & foremost- Above and beyond customer service! I have never even been to a restaurant as friendly! I also recommend any first timers to order. Even senior vapers, this is a great piece to add to your collection! I am so pleased with taste & quality.
    Call 1 came in because I placed 2 orders, 1 day apart becuase I forgot to add a few things on the first try. I originally purchased the 3x kit, cleaning pocket bag, 3 unicorn bottles, and the dry herb cartridge. I did some more research & found out that I have to replace atomizers. Since was ordering all VG juice (from a different site you can purchase in bulk) I would need several 0.9 atomizers so I bought them the next day. I got 3 boxes of 3 to stock up. Unfortunately it added a second shipping & tobacco handling fee. When customer service was open on Monday I called first thing in the morning. Since the second package was already shipped they could not combine them. However they were able to send my first package at a speedy rate for no additional charge. I had ordered the 3x in grey but they offered to send the regular black one. Since im female the black was not as visually appealing as gun metal or crimson. I expressed that & asked if they had the red one available instead to which they did! It got here in 2 days & I was so excited. I was so impressed with the customer service. My juice had arrived the day before so I was all set! In just a few hours my atomizers and bottles were here to! So much quicker than I had originally planned. The unicorn bottles are a must have for travel & wanting to carry several and mess free refills! All in all, I wasnt able to get the exact pen I chose but the crimson is so much prettier in person. Plus the guy was so nice im very happy with the outcome.
    Call 2 came in when I couldn’t figure out how to get the PG atomizer out of the cartridge to replace it. She talked me through it telling me its at the bottom and it should twist off. It was so tight I had to use pliers. It came off but I was disapointed it created scratches and kinda busted the bottom up. Luckily did not effect using the product. The mouth piece was easily removed and the air flow is super easily changed. (V2, loosen up the bottom cases/caps pretty please!)
    Call 3 came in when I couldn’t get the dry herb cartridge to work. And this is the biggest disappointment which deducted a star. My first problem was using it wrong. You dont press the button when you inhale on that cartridge. You press it until the red lights show (about 4-5 seconds) then wait for green (I counted to 28 first time, 33 the second and 22 the third) then just inhale. Nothing happened. No vapor, no taste & no effect on me. The only thing that did happen is my product being heated and burned. I had tried to use every method before I called. Tried every temp, even adding a drop of juice in. Still nothing. The V2 C.S. team sent me a complementary cartridge because the one I had could have been a dud. When the second one got here it worked in sense. I added a drop or two of juice & vaped at the highest temp. I was able to get a taste & some vapor but there was still no effect. I kept trying & trying. After reloading it 5 times I felt a slight difference. I wasted so much produt for a tiny result. Also with the reloading & how hard it is to inhale any vapor this is not an effective way to use your herb. I was getting light headed from the intense inhale and so much time went to emptying it, cleaning it and reloading it. I have used a fraction of what I wasted for this and got a much better result. Not easier than smoking the old fashion way. Im disappointed because as a medical herb patient, this was 1/2 the reason I chose this specific product. I could have researched another one that only used e juice & may have been a better product. I wouldn’t have been able to afford a higher dollar one & I couldn’t wait on saving more cash. I do not recommend this pen if you want it to soley be an herb only vape or you must have a combination vape. This is not a deterrent for the pen however, im still happy with the liquid cartridge. I will just have to get a dry herb only portable vape I will not be purchasing the Series 7 either due to my concerns.
    Call 4 the final call so far. When I had looked at the kit I swore it came with 2 different cartridges. I only received the one with replaceable atomizers. There was no VG only cartridge. They were more than happy to correct this problem and send me the second one which is why I will not give under four stars! Even though the product only works 1/2 of what I wanted. The time and courtesy they showed really blew me away. However, on to my second dislike with product. As of now when that SUB OHM cartridge is used I have no flavor of my juice. I get a mild taste of copper or steel instead. It didnt bother me in the beginning & I did let it sit 30 minutes before using. I kept vaping thinking that maybe it needed to just cycle through but that didn’t happen & I couldn’t take the taste/ no taste anymore after just a few hours. I have it refilled to the top and will let it sit. I want to give it a week of that before trying to use again. Maybe the taste will come through and I will update if I can. If not in a week or so from today I will be adding reviews to that product itself. My conclusion to this is that they want you to buy the $45 cartridge instead of the $10 one. That upsets me becuase this was suppsoed to be a cheaper alternative not equally damaging to the cost of cigarettes per month. Except when I thought about it more, I realized that this is the cartridge used for the original 3 & 3x. Theres no way the VG cartridges taste that bad or no one would be using the product. So maybe I was accidentally sent a dud or something. I honestly dont want to call them again and potentially get another one. Im not the type to just take free stuff unless I feel I’ve already paid for the incorrect or damaged item I want replaced. I dont take advantage of companies and plan on just using the 3x replaceable atomizer cartridge. When I can I will be stocking up & buying several ones. I wish it had the option to come alone though. I have enough 0.9 atomizers to last the rest of the year! Also I dont have any high PG liquid, so the 1.2 and 1.5 are virtually usless to me. I wont throw them away though, I may just use them when im out of the ideal ones and let them get clogged.
    So in conclusion, theres no product thats absolutely perfect. However the issues I have make me want to turn back time & find old me a different product. Adding in the customer service though im supper pleased. I’ve never tried any vape before so if you wanna know about handling and feel, there is the another 4 star review. He mentions a heaviness that I do not notice. He mentions the texture of the pen that didnt bother me. I actually enjoy rubbing my thumb on it whenever im bored! Its just a case of different strokes for different folks! Charging is easy in the car or at home. I have a usb port in my car & already had a converter with the wall outlet. I will caution you though, If you can live with that the cartridge to get the best taste & results will be adding like $50 to your tab then get this. The customer service team will make sure your happy. I would not get it however if you are not comfortable with the discrepancies. Personally, I couldn’t make the evestment of buying a $200-$500 vape along with all the bells and whistles. If I could go back though knowing what I know now, I wouldnt purchase this & save more $ for a better duel action vape. If they were to take back this one and give me a Series 7 instead I would totally do it! But I cannot afford the extra $ it cost to buy it.
    This product is a great price to aid in cessation of cigarettes though!!! If you plan to quit or have to quit this pen makes all my e-juice awesome.
    My collection includes-
    Forever: Strawbeeyy Waffles, Suicide Bunny: Mothers Milk (second favorite but my friends Cottonwood: Unicorn Milk was stronger and sweeter), The Steam Factory: Blue Ballz (my least favorite) and Breakfast at Teleos: The Milk (my favorite).
    This pen has done 1/2 its job by giving me another hobby and quitting cigarettes. I am not affiliated with V2 in anyway besides being a customer. I was not compisated or asked to write my review. I did not recieve any special discounts for my review. I paid full price in both my transactions. This is my personal experience and you should always talk with a proffesional to determine if this is the right product for you. This review was typed soley to aid in other future purchases. Thank you and your welcome!

  9. I love this vape pen! I’ve owned several of the original Series 3. That was an awesome innovation, but the new Series 3x has blown me away….even more innovation, more flexibility, more power and better features. The clouds are huge and the flavor intense, pure and long lasting. I’d recommend the V2 Pro Series 3x kit to any vaper! I can’t wait to

    try the upcoming Seriws 7x :=)

  10. Just got the 3x fully charged and good to go out of the box… a little physically longer than the 3, they totally reworked the cartridge and its works better, the variable voltage is nice and being able to tell what the battery charge is a life saver…. Am using PG liquid and on the 1.5ohm it tastes and feels better than the 3 however I did have

    to set the voltage to the middle setting to get vapor to produce immediately after the button is pressed( maybe going to 1.2 Ohm would fix that IDK )… Is it a problem = No Not At All its a preference and this is a great upgrade… will be buying another soon —- Good Job V2… Cant wait for the Series 9!

  11. Easy to use, even for a new vapor like myself, but with plenty of features for the seasoned folks. I love the easy of use, magnetic components, and reverse compatibility. Sleek design, amazing vapor production, and excellent flavor. Alot of thought was put into this product and it shows! Definitely worth every penny.

  12. Went from Vertx to Pro 3x. The feel of the unit does not feel like a cigarette. But this has a better build and with the Platinum Red liquid I have not had the it’s a to smoke. From pack and a half a day to no more cigarettes. Again, another awesome product keeping me loyal to v2.

  13. Very versatile and easy to adjust depending on mood and juice I’m using. It holds its charge for a long time and the stealth mode is a great extra feature. And the magnetic charger is awesome

  14. The series 3x is true an awesome vaporizor, its light feels good and very easy on the throat and you still get a lot of vapor. It has a lot of modifications one can use and now even they have released the a cartirdge that can be customized for both VG and PG use, although the cartridge is expensive it is worth it. My favorite vaporizer by far!

  15. As a long time fan of the S3, I was pretty excited when I saw this on the page. Despite the fact that it was early days, I was dying to try it out and I didn’t even mind a long wait for it (shipping indicator said it would be 30 days so no fault of v2 on the shipping.) I was NOT disappointed. All the features advertised worked great and were much

    easier to access than I expected. Adding a batter life indicator, variable voltage and stealth mode were all fantastic additions. Paired with a cartridge that has replaceable atomizers rather than wicks makes this a clear choice for me going forward. Add to that the fact that the S3x is available in new colors makes this the clear winner for me going forward. I could not recommend this pen more. Smooth performance and great taste on PG, VG, or blends.

  16. The V2 Pro Series 3X with the new cartridges are the best solution for those thay looking forward to quit smoking. It really worked for me. I did my research in advance before buying other and I’m really happy. 2 Months without smoking!!!! Very versatile with voltage settings

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