V2 Pro 3x Series Review & Comparison to older 3 Series

Hello smoker & vapers, welcome back!

In this vaporizer review I’m testing and scrutinizing the new

V2 Pro – Series 3x.

Let me start by saying that the original Series 3 released in 2014 was a huge hit. At the time it was a big leap forward because it was one of the first multi-purpose e-cigarette vaporizers ever designed. Yes, I have to give V2 Cigs props for being fearless innovators in the electronic cigarette industry during times of uncertainty.

But let’s get back to the review at hand. Fast forward to 2017, the V2 Pro Series 3x is indeed better than the original ‘3’ in some aspects (for example it now features sub-ohm vaping). This device is technically labelled as a multi-purpose vaporizer, but does it perform equally well at all of its other functions besides vaping eliquid? Not exactly.

Let’s start with the Pros and Cons

Device Pros

  • New Adjustable Air Flow Cartridges
  • Device can be used while charging
  • Three voltage settings
  • New Stealth mode with ring LED light disabled and button light dimmed (like for vaping at the movies)
  • New vape cartridges do not leak!

Device Cons

  • New aluminum-alloy body feels lighter but admittedly a bit less rigid than the original.
  • Feels a bit top-heavy when using stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Magnetic charger connection can be finicky.

This is one electronic cigarette vaporizer you don’t want to skip reading the manual for. It has some nifty new features that I want to show you, not available in the older 3 Series.

Three Cartridge Types

Eliquid Cartridge for Vaping

First off, that new Stainless Steel & Glass Cartridge with a Ceramic Heating Element is fantastic, and most importantly leak-proof! I am honestly very impressed by it, and how much vapor it produces. Definitely an improvement!

The very first time you fill it, V2 recommends letting it sit for 15 minutes to soak in the eliquid. (This really is necessary for Ceramic heating element carts! Literally at least ten minutes)

So here is the thing with these cartridges, you don’t want to be sucking on it like you would on a lit cigarette, rather gently pull to let the vapor fill you mouth. This is how you’ll get the thickest vapor out of it, while avoiding getting drops of eliquid in your mouth!

So what makes these new 3x cartridges so freaking great

  • The adjustable air flow, with 4 settings.
  • Replaceable atomizers, in 3 different Ohm ratings: 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm, 1.5 ohm. (remember, lower number runs hotter)
  • Ceramic heating element for richer flavors.
  • Can be refilled up to 40 times! (instead of 10 times)

As you may have guessed, the V2 Pro Series 3x, just like its older brother, is really best for vaping e-liquid! Excellent performance in that regard.

Concentrates & Wax Cartridge for Vaping

Decent performance for vaping your favorite concentrates incognito. These cartridges remain the same as the original Series 3. A nice feature to have if you’re a vaper and incidentally you have access to concentrates. It could serve the purpose of a secondary on-the-go device if you’re careful, but you have to consider that concentrates get liquidy when heated up so you essentially have to keep the vaporizer upright until it cools.

Dry Leaf Tobacco Cartridge for Vaporizing

Honestly the chamber is just way too small to make this worthwhile, not to mention the battery simply doesn’t have the capacity to heat that ceramic oven cartridge repeatedly. It works, but it’s more of a novelty in this regard I find. Don’t bother for this purpose, instead consider the Series 7 if you’re looking for a tobacco or dry herb vaporizer.

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Should You Buy the V2 Pro Series 3x or the original series 3?

Well, let me put it this way:

If you’re a budget-minded value shopper and you’re OK with only vaping PG then honestly go for the original V2 Pro Series 3 (no x), with the ceramic carts. Especially now that the new Series 3x is out, the original Series 3 is half the price, so it’s an awesome deal!

However if you are looking for the latest in features (and bells and whistles), larger capacity battery, and you want to vape VG with sub-ohm carts, whether you want to make a nice gift for someone starting out in vaping or trying to come off tobacco, you can’t go wrong with the V2 Pro Series 3x.

V2 Pro Series 3x in Canada

Can you buy the V2 Pro Series 3x from Canada?

Yes, Absolutely! I received mine in the mail within about a week.

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