V2 Pro Ecigarette Review

The V2 Pro e-cigarette vaporizer is a lot like a vape pen, it’s the next generation of V2 products which have continuously been improved for more than 5 years. Enjoy my brutally honest V2 Pro review.

The V2 Pro Series 3 e-cigarette boasts a unique and very solid metal design. The e-cig is essentially a metal tube that houses the battery and all the electronic components, as well the cartomizer itself, which is firmly held in place by a strong magnet. Another magnetic connection is present at the bottom tip where the usb charging cable connects. The whole thing looks awesome and has 2 lights which come on when you hold the power switch to take a drag, one circular light at the tip of the device and one around the button.

What’s more interesting is that the e-cigarette itself can handle three (3) different types of cartomizers: E-liquid, Loose Leaf, and Essential Oils. Neat, huh?

The eliquid cartomizer is obviously for the standard pg/vg eliquid juice. The loose leaf cartomizer is for tobacco or any other herb. And the essential oil cartomizers is compatible with thick oils and waxes. Each type of cartomizer is sold separately on the V2 cigs website. You’ll notice that V2 Pro products have their own section accessible at the top of the page.

I’m happy with how this e-cigarette performs: the drag is very balanced and the vapor is thick when using V2 platinum eliquid (like I’ve mentioned in previous posts I prefer their coffee ejuice over everything else, and vanilla is pretty good too, but it’s on the sweeter side). I’m a heavy vaper but a single 650 mAh charge literally lasts me the whole day, and it’s enough to go through a whole 1.6ml tank (which is apparently 800 puffs but I didn’t count).

After first filling your cartomizer tank, let it sit for a few minutes so that the wick may absorb some eliquid before you puff away. In general these tanks will last for a week or two before the flavor starts to worsen. At this point you can soak the tank in warm soapy water, then wash it out with warm running water, and let air dry overnight. You may also use rubbing alcohol to help dissolve any buildup, but don’t let it soak for too long so as not to damage any of the seals. Generally you’ll replace a cartridge about once a month, or even longer if you take good care of it. It’s also a good idea to have different cartridges for different flavors if you want optimal vapor taste. Luckily the cartridges are pretty cheap at $7.99 apiece.

Tip: When you first receive your V2 Pro kit you’ll want to recharge your ecigarette before first use, since the battery is only half-charged to extend shelf-life.

“V2 Pro” Pros

  • Sturdy metal design protects device in case it’s dropped
  • Quality workmanship throughout
  • Magnetic connections work seamlessly
  • Long lasting battery
  • USB Passthrough capability
  • Free domestic shipping

“V2 Pro” Cons

  • The cartridges do start to gurgle after a few days of heavy use, so expect to replace carts on at least a weekly basis
  • Store upright when possible may seep New cartridges are much better no more leaks!
  • Not the cheapest priced e-cigarette at $69.95 Reduced to 49.99!

In conclusion, the V2 Pro series 3 e-cigarette/vaporizer is an excellent device for every day use, no matter how much vaping experience you already have. The expansion capabilities for using varying types of cartomizers is a big plus, and the performance is irreproachable. E-Cigarette-Review.net approved!Buy button for V2 Pro

And always remember folks: vaping isn’t harmless, but it’s a lot less harmful than smoking!

Wow, this is our 100th post! It’s almost like a anniversary 😀

Download V2 Pro – Series 3 User Manual (PDF 1.23MB)

V2 Pro series 3 e-cigarette vaporizer