V2 Pro Series 7 Detailed Review, Video, Coupon

Ladies and gents,

allow me to introduce the

V2 Pro – Series 7

Alright, so now that my initial excitement has waned, I can give you a cool headed review.

This vaporizer does some things better than others, but overall the V2 Pro Series 7 is a versatile workhorse.

This a 2300 mAh, Variable Voltage vaporizer which functions with 3 types of cartridges:

  • e-liquid
  • loose leaf / dry herb
  • wax / concentrates

As with any vaporizer this one too has its pros and cons.

V2 Pro Series 7 – PROS

  • Multi-Purpose: 3 cartridge types
  • Good battery capacity
  • 40W peak output
  • 3 Temperature/Voltage Settings
  • Great overall performance

V2 Pro Series 7 – CONS

  • Awkward mouthpiece (seems so at first anyway)
  • Takes 6 hours to recharge
  • Doesn’t remember last selected voltage (temperature setting) for a given cartridge.

Basically, if you select the low setting, All the cartridges will work on that setting, until you change it. What if I like my E-liquid Cartridge on Medium, but my Wax & Concentrates cartridge on Low? Maybe I’m just being too demanding here…

Series 7 E-liquid Cartridge vaping review

So, I found out the hard way, that the current shelved (2017) Wick cartridges (with the top-atomizer and fiber wick that absorbs eliquid) cannot be used with VG eliquid. I didn’t know this right away, because there is no indication on the cartridge itself (hopefully this has been addressed, V2?). So I used it with VG eliquid and I almost burned mine! I could tell because I began to taste a terrible burnt flavor.

I suppose, and I’m making a wild guess here, it’s because VG is thicker (higher viscosity) so it doesn’t reach the top of the wick as well as PG does, which is thinner (lower viscosity). Basically the wick was likely running close to dry and started to burn, even though the tank was still about 1/3 full. (That Cosmic Fog I am puffing in the video is actually 70% VG)

After that, if I used the vaporizer at Medium temperature setting, I would still get a burnt taste, even with PG eliquid. Unfortunately I didn’t have more eliquid carts to try out. So I guess it was too late, the cartridge did seem to perform great before I burned it, with noticeably better vapor production than the original Series 3 nonetheless.

Here is the thing though, V2 already has a new Ceramic cartridge (with a bottom atomizer) available for the Series 3, which is VG & PG compatible (and it’s excellent by the way). So until I see the Ceramic cartridges for the Series 7, I can only recommend it for PG.

Cartridge cleaning tip: Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, or Denatured Alcohol to clean your cartridges, especially if you want to change to a different flavor. Fill the cart with the Isopropyl Alcohol and let soak a few minutes, shake and rinse with water, then air dry (I also make use of some compressed air to clear out water so it dries quicker). Stay away from Rubbing Alcohol as it often contains Camphor oil, I’ve noticed. Unless you happen to like the taste of camphor oil in your eliquid.

Dabbing with the Concentrates & Wax Cartridge

So this little guy has a little bowl with a coil at the bottom for your wax or concentrate. It’s pretty hot and glows bright red when powered on. Nothing much to say here except that it works perfectly!

A couple recommendations:

  • Start with the lowest setting, it melts shatter with no problem at low.
  • store upright after use, so remaining wax or concentrate solidifies again, and doesn’t leak out.

Vaporizing tobacco or dry herb using the Leaf Cartridge

I saved the best for last, I was thoroughly impressed by the Dry Leaf ceramic chamber-oven cartridge. You see, I used to own a Arizer Solo, which costs a bit more, and performed well at its only purpose: vaporizing.

Well, the Series 7 outperforms the Arizer Solo without a question: I noticed faster heat up times and better smoke on exhale.

The V2 pro vaporizer is better and cheaper, not to mention multi-purpose, the cartridge options are there should you want to use them. What more can you ask for?

Here are the temperatures at each setting as indicated in the manual, the Low & Medium temperature settings worked best:

  • Low: 200° C / 390° F
  • Med: 210° C / 415° F
  • High: 225° C /  440° F

How to change the temperature setting: Quickly click twice, if you’ve done it correctly, the ecig will cycle through each of the settings (indicated by the single, double, and triple light), when it’s at the setting you want just click the button again once to set it.

To activate & preheat the ceramic Dry Leaf cartridge (assuming your device is already On), press and hold that round button for a few seconds, and let go when the bottom light turns red; the chamber is now preheating. Red will turn to yellow, and soon green, in just under 30 seconds!

The heating chamber will then stay hot for 2 minutes 30 seconds. So vape freely during this time. It fits about 0.10 to 0.15 grams.

Personally I prefer the Low heat setting. This way you can take nice long 15-20 second drags, which are cooler and still get some decent smoke. I get about 4 runs from a single refill, so about 10 minutes of smoking in total.

The Medium setting is more powerful and your drags will be shorter for the same amount of smoke. With Medium heat I normally get 3 runs, before it stops producing much visible smoke.

The High setting is really overkill in my opinion, so maybe give it a try with something pretty humid or really sticky icky.

Watch out! it will be very hot right after use. Phenomenal performance and fast heat-up time, well done V2. Expect to replace these cartridges every 1-2 months for best performance.


Should you buy the V2 Pro Series 7?

All in all, it seems that the V2 Pro Series 7 is best for vaporizing Dry Tobacco & Herbs, as well as Concentrates & Waxes, not as much so for vaping eliquid (this might change if the upcoming ceramic eliquid carts are any better).

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A few last thoughts…

  • Start with the lowest temperature setting, you may find that it’s good enough.
  • Don’t know which e-liquid strength to pick? If you consider yourself a heavy smoker, start with the 2.4% nicotine strength.
  • Also check out the new Series 3x if you primarily vape eliquid!


Watch my quick video review V2 Pro Series 7 unboxing

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