VaporFi (VaporZone) Evod Review

Over the past couple of months I have been thoroughly testing a improved version of the Evod e-cigarette Pro Kit from (formerly I have been trying to find a single serious fault with this electronic cigarette but so far I have not been able to. Since starting this website five years ago I have reviewed over 20 brands and I would like to share my experience with the Evod in this review.

The Vaporfi Evod, labelled as the Pro model, has a sleek design and feels nice to the touch thanks to its non-slip coating. A mini-usb charging connector is located on the bottom, carefully hidden under a chrome cap that screws on and off. After a close inspection of the electronic cigarette I can attest that this device is made with quality workmanship and materials. It has fallen numerous times from my office table onto the laminate floor beneath, and it’s still going strong.Evod VaporZone kit

The Evod’s tank uses replaceable atomizer heads, each atomizer can last for weeks if cleaned regularly by soaking it in either rubbing alcohol or warm water, and then leaving  to air dry. You’ll find 3 replacement heads inside the starter kit, or online in the Accessories section of the Vaporfi website.

The atomizers come in three resistance choices [1.8-2.0], [2.1-2.3] and [2.4-2.6], and for some reason these are called “sizes” on the site. I think “Ohms” would be more appropriate since we are talking about resistance values. Anyway, the standard is 2.2 ohm and that’s what normally comes with the kit. However, if you decide to choose a different Ohm rating in the future, remember that the smaller resistance numbers run hotter. Since the Evod is powered by a 3.7 V regulated battery, the 2.2 Ohm coil is ideal. Refer to the E-Cigarette Voltage-Resistance Chart for more info.

The BCC tank (Bottom Coil Changeable) has a 1.5ml capacity and allows you to see how much e-liquid is left inside when looking through either of the two windows. As with most atomizer cartridges, these start to gargle after a few days so must be cleaned daily or have the atomizer replaced every few days. Wipe excess ejuice with a cotton Q-tip. Just make sure to screw the cartridge back on properly, and only unscrew while holding it upside down so as not to spill any e-liquid.

I hold the power button to take a couple of quick puffs then one big one, and I exhale a large cloud of cool and pleasant vapor. There are three intake airways on the tank cartridge itself. If you cover one of them with your finger you’ll get a tighter draw and even thicker vapor.

The Evod’s battery current capacity is a respectable 650 mAh that lasts over a day, yet the whole thing is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It’s also lighter than the bigger and bulkier 1000+ mAh e-cigarettes, which are a pain to carry around. Pressing the power button five times repeatedly will turn off and lock the device, doing the same again will unlock it and turn it back on. Another nice feature of Vaporfi’s improved version of the Evod is that it can be used as a Passthrough (USB-passthru) in other words you can recharge the e-cigarette and vape at the same time using the bottom charger input.


Vaporfi has more flavors than you can shake your e-cig at! A very large variety that will keep you busy for a while if you want to try them all, 101 flavors to be exact. What’s more is you can order your own custom blends! I have tried four different e-liquids so far, all of which were amazing, but my favorite one was “Creamsicle”, it tasted exactly like Orange Tic Tacs! I should also note that all Vaporfi e-liquid is Made in the USA, and that’s the way it should be. Here are Vaporfi’s quality guarantees as stated on their website:

  • FDA Registered Lab – We’ve got a state of the art manufacturing facility. Our lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.
  • Formulas FDA Registered – All of our formulas are on file with the FDA; we want them to know what we’re up to!
  • Better than Food-Grade – Our E-Liquid flavorings are specifically made to be inhaled, they are a step beyond “food grade” and they have been GRAS approved.
  • Kosher Grade – Our E-Liquid base consists of USP Grade Kosher ingredients.
  • Top-Rated Glycerin – Glycerin can be produced from any number of agents, but ours is sourced strictly from Malaysian Palm and only the highest quality producers, so peanut allergies are not an issue.
  • Lot Numbers – All of our products contain these handy little labels known as “Lot Numbers” so that all of our products can be traced to their origins.
  • High Operation Standards – We strictly adhere to cGMP operation standards, in line with the 21 CFR part 111 guidelines.
  • Diacetyl-Free – Vaporfi E-Liquids are all diacetyl-free; no fake-butter flavor here!

Pro Tips

  • To prolong battery life recharge before first use and unplug after charging is complete.
  • Before filling your tank cartridge for the first time, make sure the atomizer head is properly screwed on to its little chrome base.
  • After filling your tank cartridge with E-liquid, let the e-cigarette sit for a few minutes so the wick has a chance to absorb some ejuice.
  • When refilling avoid the hole in the middle of the tank cartridge. If e-liquid does find its way into the hole you can either try to blow it out, or simply use a cotton Q-tip to clean it out after you screw the tank back on.
  • It’s normal to see some slight condensation on the battery end of the e-cigarette when you remove the cartridge. Once again a Q-tip will do the job.

Vaporfi truly knows how to cater to vapers through choice and quality, and for that reason I am sure this brand will flourish. There’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as well as a 90 Day Warranty on all the kits. This is the best value vaporizer you will find.

Overall I’m very pleased with this perfected version of the Evod and I feel confident recommending this e-cigarette to anyone. In fact I will go as far as to say that the Evod will soon replace the Ego (currently the most imitated e-cigarette in the world) as the New Standard in electronic cigarettes! Yes, it’s that good.

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  1. I can be interested, so, why don’t y’all send me more information. Now you could “surprise” me with a sample kit. Thank You Jakk

  2. Vapor Zone is probably my favorite Ecig brand. I’ve purchased product from V2, Greensmoke, Halo, and am also building out RDA’s, but when I want a consistent, quality vaping experience, I always use my Pro kit from Vapor Zone. Those guys sure know what they are doing and their customer service is stellar. I highly recommend Vapor Zone.

  3. I am interested in your product. I now smoke a cigarette that is 1.8 mg of nicotine but wish to lower that intake.

    If I buy your product what level should I purchase.

    An average smoker ( maybe a pack a day ) Trying to find an equivalent e cigarette Last thing I want is to increase my nicotine.

    Please adise

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