Difference Between E-Cigarettes that Look Like Cigarettes and Pen style E-Cigarettes

Do you know what is the difference between e-cigarettes that look like cigarettes (sometimes referred to as cigarette clones or mini e-cigarettes) and pen style e-cigarettes (also referred to as vaporizers)?

The cigarette clone electronic cigarettes often look exactly like regular tobacco cigarettes, down to even replicating the red glow of burning tobacco at the tip using a LED (Light Emitting Diode). While vaporizers look nothing like a tobacco cigarette, instead they look like oversized pens with what is essentially a “reservoir” of e-liquid, which is evaporated at relatively low temperatures to produce the vapor that the user inhales. Both are in fact personal vaporizers, achieve the same purpose, but look drastically different.

Small Kr808d-1 batteries, auto and manual modelsIn both cases the devices are battery powered: the small e-cigarettes have smaller batteries (such as KR808D-1/2 type) that accordingly don’t last as long as the bigger batteries (such as eGo) found inside vaporizers. It’s a trade off between convenience and performance. You can take a small e-cigarette with you, put it in your shirt pocket and no one will even notice it. Whereas a bigger vaporizer is best carried in a carry case, inside your bag, backpack or suitcase.

If you’ve researched electronic cigarettes at all then you’ve surely come across the term like “eGo”, once a brand name, but today a generic e-cigarette battery type produced by dozens of different chinese factories, each of varying quality. The eGo has emerged as the most popular standard of bigger vaporizers, which vary from 650 mAh to about 1200 mAh (current capacity rating). Its smaller counterpart, the KR808D-1, has positioned itself as the most reliable type of battery in small cigarette-like electronic cigarettes, they range from 120 mAh to 380 mAh. One consistently great brand of such e-cigarettes is V2 Cigs, and we recommend it as the best electronic cigarette for beginners. V2 Cigs is considered the top brand of e-cigs in America, with over 1 million units sold.

The V2 Cigs don’t require e-liquid refilling, you can purchase disposable cartridges that you simply screw on the battery. V2 Cigs does however also offer the option to refill specifically designed reusable cartridges, which save more money in the long run. Considering that a V2 Cigs disposable cartridge costs about $2 apiece and contains approximately 1 ml of e-liquid, and that a 30 ml e-liquid vial costs about $30 (in other words 1$/1ml), refilling immediately cuts your recurring costs in half.

Even though most smokers who get on the vaping boat start off with these disposable cartridges, eventually everyone moves onto refilling their own cartridges, also known as dripping, termed as such because you drip e-liquid into a cartridge to refill it. The smaller cigarette-like e-cigarettes help ease the transition from smoking to vaping by mimicking cigarettes in every way: the look, the feel, the way they work automatically by puffing on them, not to mention the glowing red tip, all making the transition more or less seamless. Nicotine, in fact, is not the only addictive substance in tobacco smoke! Switching to vaping drastically reduces the amount of carcinogens inhaled (by about 99%) and the health benefits are felt almost immediately. The smoker’s cough disappears, the taste of smell gradually comes back, that yellow spit goes away. Tar is one of the biggest culprits in tobacco smoke, and e-liquid vapor has none of it.

iGo4 e-cigarette vaporFor users who have already tried the small battery e-cigarettes and who feel that they need to upgrade to a bigger vaporizer that lasts longer and produces more vapor, we suggest reading our iGo4 Electronic Cigarette review, a pen style e-cigarette with a high capacity see-through e-liquid tank.

When compared side by side, vaping has no downsides next to smoking, only advantages that will make you wish you had switched sooner.

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