E-cigarette also known as e-cig, e-cigaret, e-cigarett, electronic cigaret

The electronic cigarette goes under many different names with various spellings: nicotine vaporizer, vapor cigarette, water cigarette, electric cigarette, e-cigaret, e-cigarett, or electronic cigaret, but no matter what name you use to call it, it will always be known as simply a Vaporizer. A vaporizer is a device that will vaporize a liquid, or in other words evaporate a liquid. In the case of a traditional e-cig, a propylene glycol and glycerin solution with added flavors and nicotine (optional) is vaporized. Non-nicotine or nicotine free electronic cigarettes are also popular because a smoker who is trying to quit smoking can vape a non-nicotine e-cigaret when he feels ready to make the switch from vaping nicotine e-cigarett cartridges.

There are 3 kinds of electronic cigaret on the market, which use one of the following types of cartridges:

Cartomizer Cartridges: Cartridges that have a built in atomizer are screwed on top of the e-cigaret battery, then disposed of after use. This is the most user friendly kind of e-cigarette and is perfect for beginners.

Tank Cartridges: A “tank” cartridge containing e-liquid drip feeds a reusable atomizer that evaporates the solution. The “tank” is simply refilled when empty, to continue vaping. This is the type of e-cigaret used by experienced vapers who don’t mind having to clean, dry and prime their atomizers and who prefer to drip an aftermarket e-cigarette vapor liquid of their choice.

Pellet Cartridges: A nicotine pellet cartridge sits on top of a atomizer and is held in place by a mouthpiece. This type of e-cigaret is now obsolete.

Always shop around before choosing to buy a e-cigaret and stay away from e-cigarette free trial scams. Consider reviewing the top e-cigaret brands we have listed on our website, it will definitely point you in the right direction in your quest to finding the best electronic cigaret for your needs, taste and budget. Don’t forget that vaping a electronic cigaret is over a thousand times safer than smoking burning tobacco. All reputable e-cigaret brands make their cartridge batch test results available to the public. The test analysis checks for the presence of any dangerous or harmful contaminants like ethylene glycol. Such companies not only maintain a high standard of quality but are also more trustworthy by being transparent, thus ensuring long term success. Public health safety is the foremost priority of any responsible manufacturer.

Any educated smoker comes to realize that smoking isn’t the best of habits and quitting smoking is in his or her own interest. These electronic smoking devices were designed for just that, quitting smoking by deliberately lowering the nicotine intake over time.

Refer to our compatibility chart to find out what model each e-cigarette brand sells.

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After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!

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