E-Cigarette Savings

Can Electronic Cigarettes really save me money?

In a nutshell Yes! You can now save a lot of your hard-earned money by switching to electronic cigarettes. Conventional tobacco cigarettes are priced more per pack and also cause serious health issues such as cancer and breathing problems, so don’t forget about the long term healthcare costs. See how much you can save with e-cigarettes in this real life example. Tobacco contains tar that is very harmful to a smoker’s overall health and not only does the smoker pollute his own body but the surrounding air as well.

The main reason why electronic cigarettes are cheaper than tobacco ones is simple: there are less ingredients involved. It’s cheaper to produce propylene glycol or glycerin cartridges rather than tobacco, which needs to be dried, cured, ground up and sifted; a lengthy and expensive process. Furthermore, because no combustion takes place, the e-cigarette “vaper” gets a direct dose of nicotine without polluting his lungs.

If you would like to fulfill your nicotine cravings along with that familiar feeling of smoking a cigarette, but want to protect your health, your best bet is to switch to electronic cigarettes which serve the whole purpose. The vapor from an electronic cigarette contains a mixture of water, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavors which are released when the e-cigarette gently heats the attached cartridge. No tobacco, no tar, no heavy lungs.

When switching to electronic cigarettes, the only initial investment is the e-cigarette starter kit which costs anywhere from $21 for a basic e-cig to $180 dollars for a set with a few extra batteries and accessories. Afterwards all you need is a monthly supply of nicotine cartridges, which run for $1.50-$3 per cartridge (the equivalent of approximately 75% of a pack of cigs), instead of $7-$10 per pack. The cartridges come in different flavors and nicotine doses, such as high, medium, low and nil nicotine percentage levels. Imagine how much money a smoker can save by giving up tobacco smokes and switching to electronic cigarettes which get conveniently delivered right to your door. The best part is that electronic cigarettes are legal to smoke virtually everywhere, unlike conventional tobacco cigarettes. It’s a win-win deal!

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