E-Cig Dangers

Are there Electronic Cigarette dangers?

Even though electronic cigarettes are considered today to be the least harmful replacement to regular cigarettes, they still pose dangers when misused.

E-Cigarette vapor is 99% cleaner than tobacco smoke, but Vapers can still become ill from an “overdose” of nicotine by vaping for too long, thus inhaling too much nicotine in a single session. Vaping a full e-cigarette cartridge in one sitting is the equivalent of chain smoking about three quarters of a cigarette pack, or approximately 15 cigarettes. The temporary side effects of a nicotine overdose will produce symptoms such as dizziness, rapid heart-rate and nausea. The vapor produced by e-cigarettes contains a mix of water, nicotine, flavor and carbon dioxide. E-cigarettes are considered by many as less harmful than smoking, primarily because e-cigs do not contain any tar, the sticky substance that gradually restricts airflow in the lungs and airways.

Most countries now have laws in place prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. It is also important to remember to keep e-cigarettes and e-liquid bottles out of children’s reach. E-liquid contains nicotine which can be fatal in large enough quantities if swallowed.

Electronic cigarettes contain a mixture of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavoring, which are released in the form of water vapour and inhaled in the same way as a tobacco cigarette. The electronic airflow sensor present in e-cigarettes is activated when you inhale or take a drag, and releases a vapor mixture containing the needed nicotine fix. As there is no tobacco present, you greatly reduce the risk for any of the associated smoking diseases caused by tobacco smoke.

If you are a smoker and don’t intend on quitting smoking then e-cigarettes can make an excellent permanent replacement. Some smokers use the e-cigarette to wean off tobacco, then gradually reduce their nicotine dosage to give up smoking altogether.

Because there is no flame, smokeless cigarettes can be used in most places where regular cigarettes are prohibited, including shopping malls, airports or restaurants. However be conscious of others and try to politely explain that your e-cig produces water vapor instead of smoke, and has no second hand smoke if anyone asks.

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