Electronic Cigarettes – Proven Aid to Quit Smoking

Clinical studies made in Italy (a nation where ~26% of the population smokes) prove that electronic cigarettes can be effectively used as smoking cessation devices, in other words e-cigarettes can help quit smoking. The study in question [Dipartimento di Medicina Interna e Specialistica; Centro per la Prevenzione e Cura del Tabagismo (CPCT) Catania, Italy, 95124] which is also listed on the ClinicalTrials.Gov websites, says that the e-cigarette tester participants ” sustained 80% reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked per day at week-12 from baseline” and “sustained smoking abstinence at week-24, defined as complete abstinence from tobacco smoking (not even a puff) for the 30 days period prior to week-24”. The study was based on roughly 100 participants.

The truth finally comes out: Electronic Cigarettes are the easiest way to quit smoking, by gradually breaking the habit. Those who have quit smoking using electronic cigarettes were able to do so by starting off with 16mg or 11mg Nicotine cartridges for the first couple of months, then moving onto the light 6mg Nicotine cartridges for the next couple of months, to finally smoking Zero Nicotine  (0-mg) cartridges. Psychologically, the smoker still “smokes” his electronic cigarette, thus calming himself or herself with the familiar feeling of inhaling and exhaling the flavored smoke, however nicotine is no longer present in their body.

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After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!

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