Glossary of E-Cigarette Terms

A short list of the most common electronic cigarette lingo terms, in alphabetical order:

Analog Cigarette: Traditional tobacco cigarette.

Adapter: A metal device that is used to attach otherwise incompatible cartridges and batteries together.

Atomizer (atty): The heating element that evaporates the e-liquid into vapor.

Cartridge (cart): A hollow cylindrical part that acts as a mouthpiece and contains the e-liquid.

Cartomizer: A disposable cartridge that contains a atomizer.

Drip Tip: An optional electronic cigarette accessory that attaches to the mouth-end of a empty cartomizer and simplifies refilling.

Dripping: Refilling the cartridge or tank with e-juice.

Dry Smoking: If a atomizer is flooded with too much e-liquid then it can be run with a empty cartridge for a short time to dry it.

E-liquid (e-juice): The propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin solution with optional nicotine and flavors.

High Resistance (HR): A high resistance atomizer will produce less heat.

Low Resistance (LR): A low resistance atomizer will produce more heat.

Light Emitting Diode (LED): The light at the tip of the e-cigarette.

Mini: E-cigarettes that look very similar to tobacco cigarettes in terms of size and shape.

Mods: A broad range of advanced e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers that may feature variable voltage, reusable atomizers, tank systems or other add-on or modifications.

Pass-through (PT): A electronic cigarette that can be used while it is connected to a power source.

Personal Charging Case (PCC): A portable battery pack that can recharge your e-cigarette batteries on the go up to 3 times per charge.

Personal Vaporizer (PV): A electronic device that will vaporize a substance through slight heating.

Priming: Wetting the atomizer wick with e-liquid prior to first use so as to avoid overheating and unpleasant fumes.

Propylene Glycol (PG): A FDA approved substance used in food and cosmetics that looks like a opaque paste which evaporates at relatively low temperatures.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Glycerin derived from vegetable sources, evaporates when slightly heated.

Vaping: Inhaling a vapor without flame.

Variable Voltage: A feature to control or vary the output voltage of the battery, thus producing less or more vapor.

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