Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD Vape Juice Review

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For this Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD Vape Juice Review
I’m giving their line of products a thorough testing and assessment.

First off, know that there is a great deal involved in creating any vape juice without adding the right amount of nicotine, CBD or other additive to ensure it functions and performs the way users are expecting. Hot Juice is not just a bunch of guys mixing up ingredients in their garage hoping to turn a buck, some members of their team have over 13+ years working professionally in the vaping industry tracing back to the beginning. While they may not be a household name in your world yet, they are quickly rising to the top of experienced vaper’s lists as the best vape juice brand for bringing the world the first intersection of premium eliquid and CBD vape juice all in one place.

Presently, Hot Juice is the ONLY American-based manufacturer of both nicotine based and CBD e-juice. Factor in their origins producing vape products across the board, their lineage instills an immediate feeling of trust you can’t put a price on. With some of the most affordably cheap vape juice on the market, I wanted to make a personal investigation into the quality of their top vape products and find out if they were worthy of vaping, let alone the cost.

I’ll start by breaking down the Pros and Cons of Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD Vape Juice Review Pros
◦ Available in 60 incredible vape flavors and twelve flavored CBD varieties
◦ You can select your own VG/PG ratio in 70/30 or 30/70
◦ Range of standard nicotine levels and unbelievably potent CBD amounts
◦ Super-fast shipping and a discount for auto-delivery

Hot Juice Review Cons
◦ Higher CBD doses can get pricey
◦ Limited CBD vape juice flavors (so far)
◦ CBD only offered in 100ml bottles

Hot Juice products are used just like any other vape juice, but there are some distinct differences in blending, quality, both flavor/vapor production and intensity that sets each of their bottles apart from any other vape I’ve tried up to this point. The question for me was, how do they compare in terms of satisfaction and whether these innovative twists on established vape juice crafting made them the best destination for premium dessert, candy, coffee, tobacco, fruit, cereal, and menthol eliquid flavors.

Custom Ratios in Every Bottle
Here’s where personal preference breaks with what’s often available in local vape shops near me or from the bigger web-based online vape brands. With many flavored e-liquids, companies usually pre-make them with set balanced of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Although there are certain  varieties like the best cereal flavored ejuice varieties that come in a range from 50/50 (like many nicotine salt vape juices) up to 80/20.

Understand, the difference can be the density of your vape clouds, the full flavor profile or even hints of additional flavors that can be dulled or muted by higher VG. It really depends on what each vaper values as far as the expected results, whether you want more vapor output, or to
taste more of the flavor. That said, Hot Juice eliquid truly finds an impressive balance between the two in both ratios, with obvious differences highlighting different attributes of the dominant ingredient. I decided to look at both to decide if one carried more benefits than the other, or if either one was overperforming.

High VG eJuice or VG dominant
Cloud chasers and vapor lovers can rejoice in the higher VG e-liquid from Hot Juice, every puff drew amazingly large clouds from a range of devices, vape tanks and wattages. In fact, the cloud production from Hot Juice eLiquid was impressively larger than expected, possibly due to  their mixing process. Almost immediately, it becomes clear that these guys have decided to rethink the way premium e juice is made from the ground up.

\While it would be easy to attribute this to their laboratory safe facility, or point to their locally sourced ingredients, those of us who have been vaping for some time know that it takes more than buying the right equipment and supplies to make a superior vape juice. What they have done with their products, particularly their cannabidiol e-juice line, is beyond what I thought
was possible from such simple ingredients. They are absolutely doing something different, while working within the set parameters and ingredients that are in every bottle of e liquid I’ve vaped in the past.

What exactly makes their high VG vape juice so unique
◦ You can select the higher VG version for any flavor you choose
◦ The cloud production is astounding while preserving the flavor intensity
◦ It’s one of the few, if only, vape companies offering high VG CBD vape juice

What the PG dominant ejuice brings to the table
◦ You can select a PG dominant blend for any flavor you choose
◦ Flavor intensity brings certain details of how the taste profile is constructed you may miss from high VG versions
◦ Hot Juice flavors are among the most robust and expertly crafted I have ever tasted and I would feel deprived if I didn’t vape the higher PG e juice blend

Every Dosage you want

Hot Juice offers their top rated e juice in a range of nicotine dosages that will appeal and satisfy the needs of almost every vaper. You can select from 3mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg or non nicotine vape juice for those who simply enjoy vaping and want to maximize their cloud production with every puff. This ensures that anyone is sure to be able to build their own vape juice from the
bottom up exactly to their preferences.

Reflexively, their CBD levels are separated in intensity levels from 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg making their products vape liquids with among the highest amounts of cannabidiol available for vaping. Though many of the best cannabidiol e-juice products offer high amounts, they may not be constructed by volume and you might not feel the effects.
However, I can tell you from experience that when you vape 5000mg CBD vape, you can tell, it inspires trust and understanding of what vaping cannabidiol can do immediately to change your outlook and perception of its effects and benefits from square one.

One of the most attractive features I factored into my Hot Juice eliquid and CBD vape juice review was the affordability. As mentioned above, the CBD e juice they offer Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice can get rather expensive when you reach the higher levels which go up to 5000mg. However, when you keep in mind the price of CBD isolate alone, their cost structure actually makes sense and gives you some measure of faith that their products actually contain the amount printed on the bottle. It’s tough to gauge how much is actually in a vape juice by feel, because you can’t measure the immediate effects of CBD simply by using it. With that in mind, I had full confidence in the dosage of cannabidiol isolate in every bottle I tried out.

If you’re looking for top shelf vape juice that gives you an incredible balance of clouds and flavor regardless of the VG/PG blend, has immense customization and will give you everything you want in an affordably priced bottle, Hot Juice is an outstanding place to start. Never has there been a better time to start vaping and experience the best that it has to offer specific to each user and this vape brand is a perfect example of that. In addition, these guys run weekly vape giveaways and contests to help more curious users make the switch at no cost.

Head over to to check out their endless range of tasty vape flavors and find the perfect bottle to meet your needs. You’ll be glad you did, I know I am.

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