What is Inside a Electronic Cigarette

Ever wonder what is inside a electronic cigarette? Here are the gory images of the e-cigarette’s electronic intestines.

Electronic Cigarette Taken Apart

A Electronic Cigarette Battery and Cartomizer Cartridge Taken Apart

Inside the e-cigarette battery

Internal Components of a E-Cigarette Battery. From left to right: Microchip with sensor and LED, lithium ion battery, cartridge connection.

Inside of a cartomizer cartridge

Internal Components of a Cartomizer Cartridge. From left to right: Battery connector, atomizer (heating element), fiber straw, fiber sponge (holds nicotine liquid).

The internal workings of a electronic cigarette are very simple really. The most interesting part is the microchip, or the brain of the e-cigarette. It’s tiny, yet it operates the e-cigarette with the help of a air flow sensor, and it even has a Light Emitting Diode (LED) to indicate when it’s on, when the battery is low and when it’s recharging or fully charged.

The cartridge is also pretty simple yet ingenious: a metallic spiral slightly heats up to evaporate a flavored mix of propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine, which is held in the sponge-like fiber material. Some electronic cigarettes may look different depending on the manufacturer but the designs are very similar.

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