How Can Electronic Cigarettes Help The Environment?

Whilst we’re all more than aware now of the dangers of tobacco smoking to our health, thanks to numerous research, advertisement and campaigns highlighting the connections between smoking and cancer and other serious conditions, unfortunately the effects of tobacco smoke on the environment are not always as well documented.

How does tobacco smoking affect the environment?

  •  Cigarette butts. Tobacco smoke can have an endless array of negative effects on our surroundings. The most obvious to our eyes as we look around are probably cigarette butts. According to statistical site,, as much as several trillion cigarette ends are strewn across pavement, fields and parks the world over and these can take anything from 18 months to 10 years to decompose. This figure is made all the more concerning when we take into account the fact that this is where the majority of harmful toxics are found. These toxins are then likely to leak out and have hazardous effects on the earth and water.

Electronic cigarettes on the other hand do not pose this same threat to the environment, as they simply have no butts to fall off in the first place!

  • Pollution. Pollution through tobacco smoking is probably the most direct threat to the environment. As well as being significantly damaging to the health of those around you, second hand smoke is also particularly lethal to the atmosphere. Despite continuous warnings over the consequences of tobacco smoke on global warming, the impact of these cigarettes is not made prominent enough in our media.

However, with many starting to make the transition to electronic cigarettes, we may begin to see an improvement in the environment. Electric cigarettes do not contain tobacco and therefore do not carry the same risks to health or environment, which is why it is legal to smoke them indoors.

  • Wrapping. With such a large portion of UK litter still reported to be cigarette related, it is clear this is an issue which needs to be addressed. Whether it’s wrappers, cartons or cigarette ends, this rubbish is an unnecessary threat to the environment.

Those who use electronic cigarettes, especially rechargeable cigarettes are not contributing to this waste, making for a much cleaner and safer countryside.

Where can I get electronic cigarettes?

With a growing number of electronic cigarette providers around the country, it is becoming easier to choose from a selection of electronic cigarettes, eliquid and accessories both on the high street and online. Be sure to contact a reputable provider that can also offer guidance on the industry and their products.

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