How E-Cigs Work

Ever Wonder How Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes are, well, electronic. E-Cigarettes work thanks to a sensor, a microchip and a heating element. Smokers can now use an electronic cigarette almost anywhere (with the exception of some airline flights) to fulfill their nicotine cravings along with that familiar feeling of smoking.

There is a simple concept behind the magic of electronic cigarettes. A flow sensor is activated when you inhale just like you would with a tobacco cigarette. The activated sensor triggers what is essentially a heating element, that will gently heat the mixture of e-cigarette ingredients, mainly nicotine, water and propylene glycol (or glycerin, or a mix of both), that will be delivered to the smoker in the form of vapor. This is similar to the smoke that is released from a conventional cigarette and provides that pleasant feeling of smoking without actual smoke. It’s an ingenious concept that miraculously fits into such a small device. The wonders of ever-shrinking technology.

Since the mixture in the cartridge contains nicotine, e-cigarettes fulfill the desired nicotine level in the bloodstream and that familiar feeling of taking a drag of smoke with the tar. For added realism, a red LED lights up at the tip of the e-cigarette as the smoker takes a puff. Replaceable nicotine cartridges are delivered monthly by most e-cigarette retailers. You may choose from different nicotine strengths and flavors such as simulated tobacco, menthol, strawberry, apple, coffee and countless others. Nicotine-free cartridges are also available thus from the majority of brands, allowing someone to stop smoking gradually by going from vaping the highest nicotine-content cartridges to 0 mg of nicotine, while continuing to enjoy “vaping”.

With the present prohibitions and restrictions on smoking tobacco cigarettes in most states, electronic cigarettes are the best alternative available for those who need their “nicotine fix” and that familiar feeling of smoking, all without 99% of harmful side-effects. Best of all, electronic cigarettes eliminate all risks of a cigarette fire in your home!

How E-Cigarettes Work

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