New Year’s Resolution: Best way to Quit Smoking

Have you made a new year’s resolution to quit smoking in 2013? Then stick to it! You no longer have any excuses left not to give up cigarettes. Don’t let 2013 go to the dogs! Up to 80% of people who switch to e-cigarettes with the determination to quit, succeed! How you ask? It’s the best way to quit smoking:

  1. Start with the highest nicotine content electronic cigarettes (typically 18mg or 24mg of nicotine) and throw away all your tobacco cigarettes so that there are none left in the house or in the car. Smoke (or rather vape) these strong cartridges for a predetermined amount of time, such as 2 months, then you’ll feel ready to take the next step.
  2. Switch to the medium nicotine electronic cigarette cartridges, which usually contain 12mg of nicotine and use these for the next 2 months. Once again, set your date, write it down in your calendar and stick to it. You’re already more than half-way to quitting smoking!
  3. When these next two months are up, get yourself the lowest content e-cigarette cartridges, the 6mg nicotine ones and smoke these for just 1 month.
  4. As soon as that one month is up, switch to 0mg (zero!) nicotine cartridges and you won’t even feel the difference! You can stick to these non-nicotine cartridges for 1-2 months and once again set a date on which you will put away your nicotine-free e-cigarette, knowing that you have beaten nicotine and were able to quit for good. This step will act as a “buffer” period. After these steps you won’t even feel like picking up a tobacco cigarette, it will outright disgust you. We speak from experience, because this is how we quit smoking with the best e-cigarette brands!

Quitting smoking is a gradual process that allows not only your body, but most importantly your mind to become free of the habit of inhaling tobacco smoke and nicotine. Your body doesn’t need it! You simply made a habit of liking it in your mind.

Knowing now that you have “unaddicted” yourself from cancer sticks that lead to an early grave, will allow you to live life to the fullest: in better health, with a brighter smile, and stink-free. Plan your work and work your plan! You cannot fail if you have already made up your mind to quit using a step by step dated process!  You simply need to follow through your 4-step plan without any hesitation and you will be glad you did. Did we mention that vaping e-cigarettes is about 70% cheaper than smoking? Not only will you be saving money during this period, you’ll also be restoring your health!

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Wishing you the best of health in 2013!

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Senior Editor

After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!

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