NZ Health Recommends E-Cigarettes

The New Zealand Ministry of Health Officially Recommends Electronic Cigarettes as a Way to Quit Smoking.

It’s been years that tobacco lobbyists have been trying to cover up the advantages of electronic cigarettes over their tobacco counterparts. Profits is of course the main reason. But the truth cannot be withheld forever. Thankfully not all government Health agencies are as corrupt as the FDA which in 2008 prohibited the import of electronic cigarettes, and went as far as seizing e-cigarette shipments at customs. Following a lawsuit against the FDA, it was ordered by the United States Court of Law to withdraw its ban of e-cigarettes for two reasons: (1) The FDA had overstepped its legal boundaries in seizing shipments (2) The FDA has no concrete proof that e-cigarettes pose any health risks to humans.

Not to mention the fact that tobacco cigarettes kill almost half a million americans every year, but those are OK. The least we can do is give smokers a choice between smoking tobacco or vaping nicotine with vegetable glycerin. The NZ Health Ministry recognizes these facts and actually promotes e-cigarettes as the healthier alternative. Hopefully for smokers, more honest health agencies will follow suit.

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After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!

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