Women’s Slim E-Cigarettes: a Guide to Vapor Couture

Woman vaping Vapor Couture e-cigaretteI first tried Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes over a year ago and I still use them today because they really are the smoothest and most pleasant smokeless cigarettes to vape, that will also completely satisfy nicotine cravings. Vapor Couture e-cigarettes are designed with women in mind, from top to bottom: they have slim batteries, exquisite smooth vapor and a glowing crystal-like tip. Best of all they are completely hassle-free since there is no messy eliquid to refill. I wholeheartedly recommend Vapor Couture as the only e-cigarette women should smoke. Read this report to find out why.

What to expect from your Vapor Couture e-cigarette for women

For a regular woman smoker a single cartridge should last you through the day, it’s the equivalent of about 15 cigarettes. It will take 2 charged batteries to smoke 1 cartridge, so it’s a good idea to keep your spare battery charged and ready to go.

Refill cartridges cost $11.65 for a 5-pack (that’s $2.33/cartridge), or $40.45 for a 20-pack (that’s $2.02/cartridge) or $67.45 for a 40-pack (that’s $1.67/cartridge). Always use this Vapor Couture coupon code ECIGARETTEREVIEW to get your discount, it never expires.

Want to know what’s in those cartridges? You can view the ingredients for each flavor here. Vapor Couture is among the most transparent e-cigarette companies out there.

How much can I save if I smoke Vapor Couture e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes?

If you’re a regular smoker then you most likely buy cigarette cartons. A carton (200 cigarettes) of slim women’s tobacco cigarettes costs about $30, that’s 15 cents per cigarette.
If we compare this to the price of a Vapor Couture cartridge:
1 cartridge (15 cigarettes) = $1.67
15 tobacco cigarettes = 15 x 0.15 = $2.25
That’s a savings of $0.58 for each cartridge smoked. If you currently buy cigarettes by the pack, then you’ll be saving even more with an e-cigarette!

The other obvious benefit with using Vapor Couture is that you don’t inhale smoke or tar. What looks like smoke in e-cigarettes is in fact a thick and cool water mist, made in much the same way as stage fog is at concerts and shows. Each batch of Vapor Couture cartridges is tested for proper concentrations and any contaminants using strict industry standards.

How to smoke/vape for the first time using a Vapor Couture women’s e-cigarette

To get the most out of your Vapor Couture smokeless cigarette you need to get used to inhaling slowly. The slower and longer your drag, the thicker the vapor.

When you receive your Vapor Couture kit in the mail, I’m sure you’ll be anxious to try it right away. The batteries come precharged, but only with a 50% charge to extend their shelf life. Connect one battery to the charger by screwing it in (don’t over tighten) and screw a cartridge onto the other battery to test out your new smoking alternative. With every new cartridge, take a few repeated puffs to prime it, you may hear a crackling sound while it’s warming up, which is completely normal. Now take a slow drag just like you would with a normal cigarette and inhale the vapor. Feels just like smoking but better, doesn’t it? The vapor is much cooler than cigarette smoke and will not irritate your throat. In a few days you’ll notice that you have a better sense of taste and smell, because your body will begin to purge the tar that has accumulated in your airways over the years.

Slim electronic cigarette batteries

Vapor Couture Discount Coupon

Get 15% Off all Vapor Couture starter kits by entering coupon code RESOLUTION2014 in your shopping cart, during checkout.

Go to the Vapor Couture website and click on the e-cig starter kit you’d like. I recommend you order the Essential kit for $55.20 with the coupon above. Remember, standard shipping in the US is free and you’re covered with a lifetime warranty.

Choose your battery color, cartridge flavor (bombshell and passion fruit are my favorites) and nicotine strength (if you’re a regular smoker choose 1.8%, anything below is for light smokers really).

Next time you need to purchase refill cartridges use Vapor Couture coupon ECIGARETTEREVIEW to get 10% Off every time!

The Vapor Couture Essentials Kit comes with:Essentials e-cigarette starter kit for women

  • 2 x Automatic Batteries
  • 2 x 5-Packs Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 x Mini Smart Charger
  • 1 x Wall Charger
  • 1 x Manual

Hint: A Vapor Couture starter kit can make for a great gift to help someone you love quit smoking!

Visit VaporCouture.com

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Senior Editor

After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!


  1. Great thorough explanation, I’m getting this tonight! I’ve been searching for the right e-cigarette to buy but I didn’t know there were slim women’s e-cigs, so thanks!

  2. I’m looking for an e-cig that has the feel/weight of Capri Jade – a very slim menthol cigarette for women, to deliver a similar taste. Is your product similar I’ve spent too much on 3 different e brands and am very dissatisfied in both the thickness of the unit as well as the flavor.

    • Hi Annemarie,
      I hear you 🙂
      Definitely give these a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These are the slimmest and nicest tasting e-cigarettes that I’ve come across.
      As a matter of fact, I have a new VC pouch / clutch lying around somewhere. If you get the kit let me know I’ll send you the pouch for free!
      Want to split the shipping costs with me? 😀

    • Thanks I ordered Passport Kit to meet my needs. Any way to get a sample of the strawberry champagne – love the real thing!

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