Smoking Cigarettes May Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is not gender exclusive. Men are not the only ones who lose their hair as they age. Most people, when they begin to notice that they are starting to lose their hair, turn to their doctor or look for quick fixes that promise to stop hair loss and regrow their hair. Unfortunately you cannot be too sure about the effectiveness of those quick fixes. Typically, however, they are little more than a waste of money. The good news, though, is that there are several natural things that you can do to help prevent hair loss. Here are a few of them.

If your hair loss is at the early stage, make sure you pay your doctor a visit as soon as possible. It is possible that you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance that could be causing your hair to thin and fall out.

In women, menopause is often the underlying cause of hair loss. Take note, thought, that men are susceptible to hormone issues as well. So give your doctor a call right away when you notice the early signs of hair loss. At the doctor’s office, your doctor will run a few tests to figure out what’s causing your hair loss. If it’s determined that hormones are the root cause of your hair loss problem, your doctor will provide you with a treatment option so your hair loss doesn’t get worse. It’s possible that your doctor would know some natural remedies for hair loss and recommend those to you.

Bald smoker losing his last hairsTry using essential oils with your shampoo, as the essential oils are able to remedy any scalp problems that could be contributing to your hair loss. Your scalp and hair follicles need proper nourishment and you can supply that through the direct application of vitamins on your scalp. You can buy essential oils pretty much anywhere these days. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to your shampoo to make it easier for them to get to your scalp. Tea tree and lavender oil are particularly important for maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair for you.

A healthy head of hair needs Vitamin C too. The body can benefit from vitamin C in many ways. Vitamin C is a natural immune system booster. When your immune system is strong, your body is better able to fight off diseases. Keeping your hair healthy and thick also requires a solid intake of Vitamin C. You can get vitamin C from veggies and fruits. Supplements are also available. You’ll most likely come across those who say you need to take 3000 mg of vitamin C every day. The truth is, though, that your body only needs a few hundred milligrams of Vitamin C a day to stay healthy. Anything beyond that will simply be passed through your body. So there’s no need to load up on as much vitamin C as you can get; you only need to take in a sufficient amount.

Stop smoking. You don’t need to be told that smoking isn’t good for your health; you already know that. You know that it causes cancer and it may in fact also cause hair loss.

Smoking also affects the appearance of your skin, your mouth, your teeth, as well as, of course, your breath. But did you know that hair loss can also be caused by smoking? Smoking reduces circulation in your entire body, including your scalp. New hair becomes much harder to grow as a result. If having bad breath, yellow teeth, dry skin, and even cancer haven’t scared you off from smoking, how would you like it if you lost all your hair? That may just be what will push you to kick the smoking habit for good!

You can do many things to naturally help increase hair growth and prevent hair loss. Do not assume that your hair is getting thinner and that you need a synthetic remedy. There are many quick fixes that will tempt you. However, you’ll benefit more from natural remedies, as well as quitting smoking if you’re a smoker.

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