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Vaporizers are not all created equal. Finding the right one that can perform with thick vapor, throat hit, is comfortable to use and works well overall is hard to find. And when it comes to e-liquids, it’s a whole other mission in itself, it’s very tricky to find good tasting quality liquids. When it comes to vaporizer accessories, have you noticed how most brands do not have an extensive selection of them, and you usually have to scour the web for exactly what you want, and hope it works with your model? All of these issues are taken care of with VaporZone. They have put together a brand that covers everything, and shopping from their site is actually easy! There is something for everyone, from novice to expert vapers.

Really great quality, and competitive prices:

VaporZone Express Starter Kit: $29.99 (great basic starter kit)
VaporZone Pro Starter Kit: $54.99 (their top selling kit, awesome value)
VaporZone Air Starter Kit: $39.99 (intro-level vaporizer kit)
VaporZone Jet Starter Kit: $79.99 (high powered model, lots of digital options)
VaporZone Pulse Starter Kit: $119.99 (very advanced model, kit comes with 2 batteries)
VaporZone Rebel Starter Kit: $179.99 (high-end variable voltage model, many options, top of the line in every way. Basically a vaper’s dream come true)

VaporZone is bent on design, and it comes across in all their products. Every product is designed to be aesthetically pleasant and functional. You can literally see the build quality in the materials used, like the stainless steel Rebel e-cigarette.

E-Liquids ($14.99/ 30ml)
One of their best features, they are definitely doing it right when it comes to eliquids. These are really fresh, well made (in the US) liquids. They know how important it is to use the best ingredients; it comes out to sharper flavors, more vapor, and better taste. They also take it to new levels with their custom blends, enabling you to mix up to three flavors to come up with even more flavors; over 30,000 possibilities means you’ll never get sick of the same flavors!

Pretty much everything you’d want to customize your vaporizer, and they even offer refillable cartridges for their 2-piece e-cigs so you have the ability to fill them with any flavor you want; this is not common at all!

From simple cigarette-like electronic cigarettes to adjustable voltage mods, they have a wide variety of “top of the line” products to suit anyone.

Bottom Line on VaporZone
Lots of e-cigarette options, accessory choices, and e-liquid flavors! With so many products available it becomes hard to choose. Some of the more high-tech products may be confusing to beginners if they are looking for only basic stuff. Not that a huge selection of advanced products are a bad thing! Overall, really great vaporizers that make it easy to enjoy vaping.

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