What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Have you been asking yourself what are these electronic cigarettes? Electronic Cigarettes are basically smoking without smoke. Instead of smoke, e-cigarettes produce a vapor similar to that made by a fog machine. E-cigs are essentially mini fog machines, also known as vaporizers, hence the term “vaping”.

Speaking from my own experience of reviewing electronic cigarettes for the last 3 years, I can tell you that e-cigarettes are the smoking of the future. The invention of this device made the tobacco cigarette obsolete. Within the next 10 years it will be easier to find e-cigarettes than normal tobacco cigarettes, in stores. Why? Because they are, allow me to quote: “1,400 times safer than the leading brand of cigarettes” (Prof. Michael Siegel, MD, Boston U.). There’s some more great quotes about e-cigarettes here if you’d like to join the debate. Yes, politicians and lobbyists scream many things about e-cigarettes sometimes to tarnish its image, with their own goals in mind, but would a tobacco corporation buy out a e-cigarette brand just for kicks? No, e-cigarettes will gradually replace normal tobacco cigarettes and these guys know it. These little electric cigarettes are the next step in the evolution of smoking, unless someone pays for a new law to make them illegal, in order not to lose the comfortable billions made from cigarette sales today.

The only reason tobacco is legal as of right now is because it makes more than enough money to shut up those who could shut down the industry. You’ve heard all the statistics of smoking, but have you really noticed the numbers? What would you guess is the leading cause of death in the United States: car accidents? tornadoes? murder? alcoholism? Well guess what. Combine all of these together, and smoking still beats the bunch. Isn’t that something? People willingly go towards an early death, and a painful one sometimes at that.

No thanks, I think I’ll stick to vaping and e-cigarettes. I want to cherish every single moment of my life for as long as possible and in the best of health. I want to see my great grand kids. I want to wake up at 90 and still be able to taste the smell of coffee. Take a moment and reflect on that. It’s a choice that you can make today, that will affect the rest of your life. Not to mention the lives of everyone around you.

Now, you agree with the facts, you know you should do the right thing, but you don’t know where to start. It’s easy: head on over to the Electronic Cigarette Brands section and have a look at the first few brands to see which one you like best. You may also want to see the best e-cigarettes in 5 different categories, since not everyone has the same criterias. If you just want the overall best beginner’s e-cigarette, then you can’t go wrong with a V2 Cigs starter kit. It’s simple to use: screw a nicotine cartridge to the battery and puff away. When it needs recharging after going through one cartridge, which is the same as about a pack of cigarettes, just plug it into its usb charger and into your computer, or a wall adapter for a few hours.

On top of this, it’s clear that some smokers are using the e-cigarette as a motivator to quit, the psychological idea being to “wean off” nicotine by gradually reducing the nicotine dose. Makes sense, and it works. Approximately half of the smokers who switch to vaping with the goal of quitting, give up cigarettes for good within 6 months. Do yourself a favor and invest in your health. Yes, vaping feels just like smoking. Yes, vaping is much less dangerous to your health. Yes, vaping is cheaper. It’s a win-win-win situation. With a decent starter kit going for about 60 dollars, that’s the cost of just 10 cigarette packs or maybe a carton. Don’t be fooled by a bad habit, take that step toward a longer, healthier life!

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After many previous failed attempts at quitting smoking I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes and decided to give them a try. It has been five years now that I smoked my last tobacco cigarette and I am 100% nicotine-free!

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