What happened to Safe Cig?

You may have heard that the Safe Cig was going through some lawsuits recently and it would seem that they have lost their legal battle since the safecig.com website has been down for the past 2 weeks. So did Safe Cig go bankrupt? They did not release a public statement, at least not one that we are aware of, and we looked. Did you know that John Cameron (yes, James Cameron’s brother) is the CEO of Safe Cig?

If you are a Safe Cig owner, do not fear, there are other excellent quality e-cigarette companies that want your business!

V2 Cigs

The V2 Cigs brand was also quick to jump on the opportunity of Safe Cig’s demise and are offering a free Safe Cig to V2 Cigs adapter during the month of February (2013) only, that will make V2 Cig cartridges compatible with Safe Cig micro batteries. The V2 flavors are awesome to say the least, and are one of the main reason why V2 Cigs is rated as the number 1 e-cigarette brand.

The V2-SafeCig adapter only works with the Safe Cig’s micro batteries, not the regular ones.

To get your free adapter simply add any pack of V2 Cigs cartridges to your shopping cart from their website and you’ll be able to choose the free adapter from the menu that appears.

Green Smoke

We saved the best for last! Green Smoke‘s trade-in offer for Safe Cig customers is the most convenient. Green Smoke offers a Free Kit with Free Shipping and No Mail-in-Rebates. You don’t need to pay anything upfront. Green Smoke only asks you to mail them your old kit and provide them with ONE of the following:

  • Send in a picture of yourself with any starter kit (other than Green Smoke) OR
  • Send a copy of your e-cigarette starter kit invoice OR
  • Send the tracking number of your trade-in e-cigarette starter kit.

In return Green Smoke will send you a free “Essentials Starter Kit”! This offer applies to any brand e-cigarette starter kit, not just Safe Cig. For more details click the banner below:

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